A Sociology Essay on Illness and Wellbeing

1) The Concept of Illness
2) Specifically within Sociology
3) Define and Explain
4) with some Historical Insight
5) using its Relationship to Class

Actually, the title is too generous. The title is the same without number 2: the essay title writer in sociology usually assumes it and so should the student!

Define and Explain with some Historical Insight the Concept of Illness using its Relationship to Class.

As this is more likely to be an essay title, you are more likely to add 2) Specifically within Sociology into essays with it left out.

What's the sociological stance?

That's always the back-to-basics part and why it is usually taught first. If the sociological stance leads to the rest of the essay, smoothly and easily, including about class, then all's the better.
It's causality around collective forces, what makes us operate as groups, how operating as groups impacts, the processes of the institutional and the economic. It's the society in the individual. Think of 'the social construction of'. Here it is about illness.

Let's get to the guts of the issues in the essay:


Adrian Worsfold