Family: Grid Puzzle

Grid below

  1. Acquiring children usually officially and not biologically
  2. Nuclear family shown in the mornings!
  3. Marxist approach to family - another name
  4. Final separation by once married couple
  5. Family function that involves mutual work and money
  6. Family function that passes on values and norms to children
  7. Form of family support that gives comfort and sympathy
  8. Family that is more than nuclear (horizontally and/ or vertically)
  9. Critical approach to the family that sees gender roles generated and patriarchy maintained
  10. Cultural emphasis of roles based on sex (male, female)
  11. Broader name for a family or group in one residence
  12. Specialising female in family cooking and cleaning
  13. Regulator of marriage, divorce and how much a parent can hit children
  14. Analytical approach and political force that emphasises the nuclear family (two words as one)
  15. Learnt behaviour that should be observed or a sanction takes place
  16. Concentrated small family unit
  17. Form of family support that provides home and food
  18. Family made up from parts of two previous families
  19. The means of getting the next generation
  20. Monogamy when it happens again and again, one at a time
  21. Bonding method between parents
  22. Learning society into the individual as part of upbringing: in the family it is primary
  23. Unlike norms, these are desirable social aims to be learnt as part of upbringing


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Adrian Worsfold