Coursework (A2 level)

  • First task in coursework is to have a rationale
  • A rationale is like a proposal

It must contain:

What is studiedBack to the list

  • This is the subject of interest, and should be the basis of a title
Why it is being studiedBack to the list

Reasons for study can be:

  • Personal
  • News based
  • Study based

  • This involves private troubles and making them into public issues
    • In other words, create the sociology from the basis of interest
Aims and ObjectivesBack to the list

  • An aim is something in general that needs to be understood
  • An objective is something that the result of the study answers specifically
HypothesisBack to the list

This is a statement that can be tested by the research:

  • It is not proved or disproved
  • It is never put in the form of a question
  • It is either supported or challenged by the outcome of the research
Theoretical tradition:

This is the outlook of the work and its author, examples being:

  • Marxist
  • Functionalist
  • Feminist
  • Postmodern
Methodological traditionBack to the list

This is the research methodology or methodologies that follow on from the subject, aim/s and objective/s, examples being:

  • Positivism
    • Quantitative
      • Questionnaire
      • Structured interview

  • Interpretivism
    • Qualitative
      • Participant Observation
      • Unstructured interview
The task is to write a draft.

  • Draft 1 needs to be word processed and double spaced.
    • This is sent for comments.
    • It needs to be saved so that several drafts can be generated if necessary.


Adrian Worsfold