Dole versus Education (and Marry!)

My Dear Sir,
I have deferred answering your letter till I could consult with the trustees and warden of my chapel on this subject to which it relates. They, like yourself and your friends, are anxious to make the best possible use of Mr Wilkinson’s bequest; and feel that the mere doling out of regularly expected allowances in money is not the best charity. But as it is explicitly stated in the will, that “the interest” is “to be given annually to the poor of the congregation”, they feel that they have no choice left, either as to sinking the principal in the erection of a school, or devoting the interest to the education of the children of the poor. My own opinion accords with theirs. It was clearly the intention of the testator, that the annual produce of the bequest should be given to the poor of the congregation in money. The only discretionary power left to the distributors respects the selection of the proper objects, the sums to be respectively appropriated to each individual, and the time of distribution. At least, as we think.
I can easily imagine that you will enjoy your change of plan as regards your school; but your chance of permanent success in your new vocation would be greatly increased by your becoming a married man.
Our quarterly meeting will take place here on Thursday next (the 20th inst.) The subject for discussion among the ministers is “The Scriptual use of the word Faith”; and in the evening we are to have a congregational meeting, at which it is proposed to take into consideration “The present prospects of Unitarianism.” I wish we could have you among us at this our “aggregates meeting.”
Believe me, my dear Sir, with best wishes for your prosperity and happiness, and with kind remembrances to your sister, Isabella,
Yours truly

Robert Wallace


Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful