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Religions are complex in teachings and origins and not all people behave as their religions teach.
Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke Chapter 10) cuts across race as Samaritans were looked down upon at the time. Christianity under Paul preached to the Gentiles and he said in Galatians 3 v. 28, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Jesus healed a centurion’s servant (Luke 7) and some mention Simon, a Cyrenian (a black man) carrying Jesus’ cross, although he was selected by the Romans. Gandhi opposed racism by a strategy of adherence to the truth in love (Satyagraha), total self control (Brahmacarya), non-harming truthful resistance (Ahimsa), and welfare for all (Sarvodaya). Hinduism had a discriminatory inheritance (caste system) but the experience of discrimination under the British had an anti-racist effect. Also to harm someone on grounds of race is to impede progress of their Atman (soul) achieving one with Brahman (God), and is therefore harmful to God.
Men and Women

The issue is about inequality and leadership and both religion and the secular.
Some believe women cannot enjoy headship of the Church, preventing them being priests (Catholics) or bishops (evangelicals). Jesus chose only male disciples, say defenders of male authority. Yet in a patriarchal culture Jesus was very positive towards women, and they feature as first witnesses in the empty tomb story. There is evidence that women were ordained ministers in the early Church. Non-conformists now accept women as equals. Galatians 3 v. 28 also applies to women. Mothers are valued within nurturing roles, add are subject to husbands. High caste women killed themselves on funeral pyres. The Law of Manu sees men protecting women at every stage of life. Only men may be priests. ISKCON (Vishnu) and Virashaivites (Shiva) treat women equally. Modern Hindu reformers promote women in education. Women rose in Indian politics (Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister), and women have legal and voting equality.
Other faiths

Multi- faith is no more than having religions close by; being pluralist tolerates.
John 14 v. 2 says in my house there are many mansions (rooms): biblical evidence for liberals being positive to other faiths and salvation; but John 14 v. 6 states “I am the way, the truth and the life,” quoted by evangelicals to say Christianity is the only way to salvation. Roman Catholics use the catechism to state that Christianity has the whole truth while other faiths only have some truth as regards being saved. Hinduism has a multitude of beliefs, and is so pluriform that it shows the same positive attitudes to other faiths outside. There are different Gods and levels of Gods and a variety of practices in the home or temple. Some Hindus even count Buddhism and Sikhism as Hindu because they also come from Indian soil. Gandhi, Ramakrishna (Vedanta) and Vivekananda were positive about Hindu toleration about other faiths.