A Hebrew Bible is required. Before beginning this exercise in pairs, or occasionally threes (for answers to go into books), decide provisionally which one of these answers is to be placed inside a line drawing of a shofar. You can change your mind in the light of answers discovered.

Write the answers so that one of them in line lengths is of a shape and space around for the line drawing of a shofar. Whilst your pair's/ group's answers will agree, you can each decide for yourselves which answer is within a drawing of a shofar.

1 In Exodus 19: 16-19, what happened to the people when they heard a trumpet blast?
2 Following on from this, there was a very important event for Jews that is followed by another blast in Exodus 20: 15-18. What was this very important event?
3 At what times is a trumpet blown early in Psalm 81? How many Gods are appropriate according to the statute for Israel and what was done (especially verse 10)?
4 What is the trumpet used for in Psalm 150?
5 In Isaiah 27: 12-13 a trumpet will be blown, so when this is done what is happening to the Jews who live away in various places around the world?
6 What can enemies of Judah expect after the trumpet is blasted in Zechariah 9: 14-16 on the way to producing a secure holy Jerusalem?














1 They trembled [the Ten Commandments follow].
2 The giving of the Ten commandments comes before this trumpet (or it follows them).
3 New Moon, full moon and feast day. There is One God who led the Hebrews out of Egypt (towards freedom).
4 Praise.
5 The harvest is gathered, the Jews then come from Assyria and Egypt (the world) to gather as one on the Holy mountain at Jerusalem.
6 Enemies are defeated.