Thread title: Can I ask a personal question please?

Posted to Surefish 5th May 2004 at 01:45

Prayer for me has two elements, one from politics and one from social anthropology.
Politics is the predicament, the fork in the road and which one to take. It means stopping, and reflecting, contemplating, and asking about the way forward.
The second one is the gift, where you give something of youriself to receive something much greater. We do this in market economics, sex, conversation, and also the ritual of faith as in the euchaarist or meal. It is true for the Buddhist who gives to meditation too with the benefit of mind training, to achieve clarity of vision that has positive social consequences.
I don't think there is a supernatural mechanism, but there is plenty of religious practice and finding space in order to be active in the world. The exchange is also in Christian myth of crucifixion and resurrection, linked to the suffering servant.


Adrian Worsfold