Posted to Surefish 3rd May 2004 at 02:26

Gaza will become a dumping ground for Palestinians, and the West Bank will remain cut to shreds by checkpoints. Sharon is not risking any viable state. Blair talks about a viable Palestinian state but it seems Bush likes his pal Sharon for destructive action. Sharon is pushing it to the limit, I doubt the Democrat [United States] alternative would make a lot of difference - he is pretty silent.
The wall has landscaping on the Israeli side and watchtowers and visible height on the Palestinian side.
I think it is a distortion when people try to use ancient texts to alter a contemporary problem because it leads to no end of contradictions. Anyone ever see Revelation TV. It is chilling. Let the Jews return to Jerusalem as a way of brining back the Messiah, ie Jesus Christ. Who cares what texts they use. A bit Christian constituency (especialy in the US) supports this alliance of nothing but destructive outcomes.


Adrian Worsfold