Posted to Surefish 24th Apr 2004 at 01:45

The point has been made, but it is worth emphasising that Paganism is neo-Paganism, in that it is all invented and histories are very sketchy indeed. We know that Rowan Williams took part in the Gorsedd that has origins in an invented tradition (by a Unitarian, Iolo Morgannwg) and that connects to a Welsh literary strand. There is also American Transcendentalism that connects with writing and stretches from left wing Christianity and post Christianity to Paganism. I find Starhawk very interesting, and you can stretch from her to Matthew Fox, the creation spirituality Christian. Starhawk (Miriam Simos) is also interesting because she sees ritual as a form of play. I would I suppose like to see Paganism a little less magicalist and more narrative; some of the more contemporary and thinking Pagans are this way inclined, but it is interesting how rituals can be invented but are done with increasingly a sense of tradition in mind.


Adrian Worsfold