The Resurrection of Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak is said to be resurrected. This means his Guru Jyot or Divine Light was passed to Guru Angad.

In 1539 CE before his death Guru Nanak recited hymns and covered himself with a plain sheet. Muslims and Sikhs then each wanted to bury him. The decision was for each to lay down cut flowers on each side of the body and those with the unwithered flowers next morning would take the body. Next morning neither flowers had altered but the body had gone, so Muslims and Hindus buried their flowers and half the sheet each. The Muslims' sheet was buried under a mausoleum, and the Hindus built a common wall and put theirs under a monument, both by the side of the River Ravi. The river later changed course and washed these away. Therefore there is no burial place of Guru Nanak.

Source: Singh, G. K. (1995), 'Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Unique Revelation of God', World Faiths Encounter, No. 12, November 1995, World Congress of Faiths, 23-27.