Life of Muhammad: Notes

Life at Makkah

Birth 12th Rabi al-awwal (22 April, 571 CE) Father, Abdullah: already dead.
Age 6 Death of mother: Aminah
8 Death of grandfather: Abdul Mutalib
12 First business trip to Syria
25 Marriage to Khadijah
40 Prophethood (610 CE)
1st year 1st year of prophethood Fajr and asr prayers, two rakaal (ritual prayers) each
1st - 3rd Secret preaching of Islam; at the end of 3rd year the open call to Islam from Mount Safa, near Makkah
3rd - 5th Hostility of Makkan infidels
5th Migration of Muslims to Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
6th Umar accepts Islam
7th - 9th Continued hostility of Makkan infidels
10th Year of Sorrow: death of uncle, Abu Talib, death of first wife; Khadijah; Miraj (Muhammadís night journey to heavens): 27th Rajab; During miraj: five times daily prayers made obligatory
13th Hijrah to Madinah: 27th Safar (622 CE)

Life at Madinah

AH 1 (First year after the hijrah) Arrival at Quba: 8th Rabi al-awwal; Arrival at Madinah; Establishment of First Islamic State; Treaty with the Jews
AH 2 Jihad ordained: 12th Safar; Adhan and Zakat introduced; Revelation about the change of qibla: 15th Shaban; Ramadan fast prescribed; Id-uI-fitr: 1st Shawal; Battle of Badr: 17th Ramadan; Marriage of Ali and Fatimah, after Battle of Badr
AH 3 First revelation restricting the drinking of wine; Battle of Uhud: 5th Shawal; First revelation about riba (interest); Uhud Revelation of laws of inheritance; Revelation of laws about orphans
AH 4 Revelation of the requirement for hijab for women; Revelation about the prohibition on drinking wine
AH 5 Battle of Dumatul Jandal; Battle of Bairn al-Mustaliq; Revelation of laws about adultery and slander; Battle of Ahzab
AH 7 Letters to rulers of different countries (e.g. Persian and Roman emperors); Battle of Khibar; Revelation of laws about marriage and divorce
AH 8 Battle of Mutah; Conquest of Makkah: 20th Ramadan; Battle of Hunain; Siege of Taif; Revelation of final order prohibiting riba
AH 9 Battle of Tabuk; Revelation of order concerning jizya tax for non-Muslim minorities; Hajj prescribed
AH 10 Farewell address: 9th Dhul hijjah
AH 11 Death on 12th Rabi al-awwal, at age 63 (632 CE)


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