Locations of
UK Liberal (and some Old) Catholics
as at May 2008

(Limited revision 2017)

The Liberal Catholic Church International Province of Great Britain and Ireland is of the inclusive and Thesophy-optional original division of the Liberal Catholic Church.
LCCI: Winchester (University); Most Reverend Professor Liz Stuart, Archbishop of Province of Great Britain and Ireland.
LCCI: Bristol: Mtr Liz Jones (?): Our Lady Queen of Angels and All Souls
LCCI: (Unknown location): The Revd. Davies

LCC New Synod: Liberal Catholic Church in the British Isles Episcopal Vicar General The Rt. Rev. Allan Barns.
LCC in BI: Gillingham The Rev. Robert Harbour, Deacon The Rev. Carol Harbour Oratory of Saint Raphael.
LCC in BI: Apperley: The Rev. Christopher Parker, Priest-in-Charge, Assistant Priest The Rev. Elizabeth Parker Our Lady of The Starlight Apperley, Gloucestershire.
LCC in BI: Tunbridge Wells: The Rt. Rev. Allan Barns Oratory of Our Lady of Compassion.
LCC in BI: Ealing: Rev. John McGlashan.

LCC: Birmingham: The Reverend David Bennett, Parish priest (The Rt. Rev. Wale) [Specialist ministry offered regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as David Bennett is Director of The Trauma Centre (UK)]
LCC: Newcastle: The Reverend Ian Lawrence, Priest-in-charge (The Rt. Rev. Wale).
LCC: Moniave: Craigdarroch Chapel Craigdarroch, Moniave, Dumfriesshire The Reverend Ian Lawrence (Rt. Rev. Wale).
LCC: Liverpool: The Reverend Ian Lawrence, All Saints Church (Rt. Rev. Wale).
LCC: London: The Rev. Charles Bossman, Pro-Cathedral Church of All Saints Putney (Rt. Rev. Wale).
LCC: Camberley: The Reverend Martin Shepherd, Wedgwood Chapel Tekels Park, Camberley (The Rt. Rev. Wale).
LCC: Bournemouth: Deaconess Mrs. Joan Perrett, St Raphael's Church Wooton Gardens Old Christ Church Road (Rt. Rev. Wale).
LCC: Basildon: The Rt. Rev. Roy Bannister, Oratory of Our Lady, of The Mystic Rose (The Rt. Rev. Bannister).
LCC: Bideford: The Rt. Rev. Roy Bannister, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael van Buren, The Rev. Martin Peterson, Oratory of Our Lady Chalice House Terrige Hill (The Rt. Rev. Bannister).
LCC: Southbourne, Dorset: The Rev. S.R. Claudot, Oratory of Our Lady, The Holy Mother (The Rt. Rev. Bannister).

Independent Liberal Catholic: near Ipswich - Bishop Charles Muggleston.

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church was the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church and this was derived from the Liberal Rite and and Ancient Catholic Church and founded by John Kersey and Andrew Linley joined by Alistair Bate. Adrian Glover joined and then led it to reform it after Kersey, Linley and Bate left to form the EADM or Church of the Divine Mysteries and then went their separated ways. The OCAC and Cross Denominational Mission overlap. Kersey now heads the Apostolic Episcopal Church from Norfolk, and Bate is 'out of communion' (2017).
OCAC/ Cross Denominational Mission: Bournemouth: Bishop Adrian Glover/ Mar Trimlett Oratory of St Michael and All Angels.
OCAC: Newcastle: Revd. Amma Bridget Wilson-Hall
OCAC: Edinburgh: Fr Francis Morrison FMC
OCAC: Guildford: Revd. Nathalie Walmsley Beveridge
OCAC: Nottingham: Revd Amma Jeanette Aubrey OMM
OCAC: Swindon: Revd. Jayne Henderson, Revd Helen Pontin, Revd Kenneth Pontin
OCAC: Gloucester: Dave Richards
OCAC: Cheltenham: UK Revd Jon Chapman
OCAC: Derby: Bishop David Upton OSB
OCAC: Glasgow: Bishop Andrew Hall FMC
OCAC: Stranraer: Revd Amma Carol Ann Searle
OCAC: Leeds: Billy Jeavons
OCAC: Yorkshire: Fr John Bulksas FMC
OCAC: London: Br Anthony Uwaya
Cross Denominational Mission: Portsmouth: Mike Young RSStS (PrayerTree leader)
Cross Denominational Mission: Rotherham: Revd. Pastor Barry Frier; Revd. Pastor Darren Bolam.
Cross Denominational Mission: Alloa, Scotland Revd. Pastor Judie Gelling

Mission Episcopal of St Francis & St Clare: St Albans: Rt Revd Chris Deefholts

Religious Society of St Simon: Chichester: Dr Michael Walsh, Oblate OSB (Church of England)

The Reformed Liberal Catholic Church Presiding Bishop and Regionary for Great Britain and Ireland: The Most Revd Richard Palmer, Southampton, Hampshire, England.
RLCC: Eastleigh: Provincial Administrator of The Reformed Liberal Catholic Church, The James Wedgwood Memorial Oratory.
RLCC: Southampton: The Most Reverand Richard Palmer, The Oratory of Our Lady Queen of Heaven.
RLCC: Southampton: Revd Mother Elizabeth Tombs AIB, The Friary Parish of St Francis.
RLCC: Birmingham: The Very Revd Father Roger D. Scott, Vicar General of the RLCC, The Parish of St Paul and St Mark.

Church of the Divine Mysteries/ Ecclesia Apostolica Divinorum Mysteriorum (Apostolic Episcopal Church; Order of Corporate Reunion): London, Hadley Wood/ Cockfosters: Was Bishops John Kersey (Mar Joannes III), Bishop Andrew Linley (Mar Andreas).

Kersey - also Mar Joannes III - continues as Presiding Bishop of Great Britain in the Apostolic Episcopal Church (2015-), Metropolitan Primate and Titular Archbishop of Karim, Prefect of Great Britain of the Confraternitas Oecumenica Sancti Sepulcri Hierosolymitani (2012-), Titular Archbishop of Elmham of the Old Catholic Church of Great Britain (2012-). He succeeded his adoptive father, the late Prince-Archbishop Kermit William de Polanie-Patrikios, as Ecclesiast of All Byelorussia in the Byelorussian Patriarchate of St Andrew the First-Called Apostle and head of the Apostolate of the Holy Wisdom (2015-).

Independent (once of OCAC and then EADM): Edinburgh; Switzerland: Bishop Alistair Bate (Mar Alexei) Revd. David Upton, CCP Oratory of St Paul of the Cross 14/4 Castleview House Edinburgh; Circle of Our Lady and St Tugdual. Also Reverend David Upton in Edinburgh.

The Reformed Liberal Catholic Church Presiding Bishop and Regionary for Great Britain and Ireland: The Most Revd Richard Palmer, Southampton, Hampshire, England.
RLCC: Eastleigh: Provincial Administrator of The Reformed Liberal Catholic Church, The James Wedgwood Memorial Oratory.
RLCC: Southampton: The Most Reverand Richard Palmer, The Oratory of Our Lady Queen of Heaven.
RLCC: Southampton: Revd Mother Elizabeth Tombs AIB, The Friary Parish of St Francis.
RLCC: Birmingham: The Very Revd Father Roger D. Scott, Vicar General of the RLCC, The Parish of St Paul and St Mark.

Grace Catholic Church is in the Old Catholic and Independent Catholic strand following the Byzantine approach to worship, theology and calendar with both traditional and creative elements, with questions and new perspectives encouraged.
GC: London: Bishop Alexis Tancibok

Hedge Church is Mark Townshend's own Christian-Pagan ministry and, properly, is not an organisation but a principle. In July 2010 he decided to hand in his 'Permission to Officiate' and resign his membership of the Church of England, and he left the OEC in January 2014. He is a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC) and a Christian member of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). He also does magic tricks.
Hedge Church: Leominster: Mark Townshend

Church of the Celtic Cross is a follow-up to the Open Episcopal Church for some of those who left in January 2014, founded by its one-time Scottish bishop (after David Gilham broke away from the OEC). CCC is, of course, its own entity. It is trinitarian, Catholic, orthopraxic and Celtic. Worship is shared online. Morning prayer is Anglican sourced and Compline is Celtic.
CCC: Scotland: Primus Bishop Helen Hamilton
CCC: Rev. Richard Britton (and a number of others)
CCC: Revd Deacon Nate Craddock (and a number of others)

Open Episcopal Church. Strictly speaking the OEC looks to the Old Catholic not Liberal Catholic, from Arnold Harris Mathew; it describes itself as Liberal (is socially inclusive). In a dispute about the blogs of the Presiding Archbishop, and related matters regarding those who disagreed, in January 2014 a number of people resigned in a cluster: namely one bishop (Helen Hamilton), Rev. Mark Townsend, Rev. Richard Britton, and several other priests, deacons and ordinands, and the chief Lay Herald. All but one of the US Church resigned. Consecration lines include James Ingall Wedgewood and Charles Webster Leadbeater. The Most Reverend Jonathan Blake: Presiding Archbishop of the Communion of the Open Episcopal Church and the Provincial Archbishop of Great Britain; was a Church of England priest (Bradford and Rochester as curate, vicar in Bexleyheath). Founded with the Rt Revd Richard Palmer, The Society for Independent Christian Ministry (SICM). December 9th, 2000, ordained priest according to the Catholic tradition by Bishop Richard Arthur Palmer. December 10th, 2000, Jonathan was Consecrated Bishop to work independently within the Province for Open Episcopal Ministry and Jurisdiction. November 2001 Jonathan, with Bishop Palmer and Bishop Wilson founded The Open Episcopal Church. [Note: a number of the names that follow may be inactive, or, if still active, do little].
OEC: Diocese of London and South East England: The Most Reverend Jonathan Clive Blake is diocesan bishop; London parish of St Francis of Assisi; President of the Society for Independent Christian Ministry; chairs the Board of Trustees for the Holy Circle Trust; founder of Room at the Inn Homeless Outreach.
OEC: Diocese of Wales: Bishop Shelley Harstad-Smith. Ascension Ministry in Mid Glamorgan.
OEC: Diocese of Southern England: Bishop Sheila Wharmby; parish of St Raphael in Bournemouth; & assistant priest at St Thomas' Church in Southampton; the Rev David Earl: Channel Isles, Southampton & India; Sandhurst: Rev Andy Blatchford: Parish of St Birinus and GWR Mission; Southampton: Rev Kevin Hughes: The Parish of St Thomas.
OEC: Diocese of South West England: Bishop resigned and left; Bournemouth: The Rev Canon John Hyde ssb, Deacon Peter Goodwin ssb: Genesis Fellowship; Devon: Bishop Stewart Harrison resides at times in Torbay; Minehead: The Rev Karen Mitchell; Poole, Dorset: Rev Suzanna Neill; Parish of St Cecilia; Parkstone, Poole: Rev Canon John Hyde ssb, Deacon Peter Goodwin ssb: Parish of St Jude & St Luke.
OEC: Diocese of the Midlands; no bishop; Lichfield: Revd. Suzanna Neill (base for Open faith Ministries)..
OEC: Diocese of Eastern England; no bishop.
OEC: Diocese of North England; no bishop; Cramlington: Rev. Lesley Dennis
OEC: Diocese of Scotland; Bishop resigned and left.

The Catholic Apostolic Church in England (of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Europe) (CACE) was formerly known as the Old Catholic Church in Europe (OCCE); as the latter it opposed the Utrecht Union of the Old Catholic Church in that the OCCE emphasised the apostolic succession from Arnold Harris Mathew, being a restoration via the United States of the once named OCCUS and later the Catholic Apostolic National Church USA (CANC). All CACE churches use the Roman Catholic Mass and this Church is in talks towards reunion with Roman Catholicism. It has these ministries in the United Kingdom.
CACE: Bishop of Dunstanburgh and Metropolitan Bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Europe: His Excellency the Right Revd. Dennis Beevers OSJV; was of Barnsley: St Maria Gorretti, and still offers an ecumenical healing and bereavement ministry there. Originally a Reader in the Church of England.
CACE: Brighton & Hove: the Very Revd. Canon Jerome Lloyd osjv vg: Saint Cuthman of Sussex.
CACE: Huntingdon: the Revd. Deacon David Bradley: Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.
CACE: the Revd. Fr Emilio Tundidor Osp: Oratory of Our Lady of Hope.
CACE: Southampton: The Revd. Martyn Douglas: Saint Francis.
CACE: Southampton: The Revd. Terrence Merrifield Sac. Dip. Obl.OSB, OSJV, MACC: St. Benedict. Assists those wishing to be Oblates of St. Benedict.
CACE: Norfolk: the Revd. Stuart Finch: Ageless Fellowship (began in a care setting, reaches to Portugese and to those no longer Roman Catholic)

The Ecumenical Society of St. Augustine of Canterbury (TESSAC): Southampton: Headed by the Right Reverend Martin Douglas, Revd. Deacon Anthony Wiltshire.
TESSAC: Garsington Oxfordshire: Saint Francis and Saint George: the Revd. Brian Van Dungey, the Revd. Deaconess Eileen Burzynska.

Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch: Kettering: Bishop Leon Hunt

I'll include (it is not really Old or Liberal Catholic; it regards the trinitarian Churches as heretical and of apostasy) the Arian Catholic Church. It believes Arianism predates Arius and is scriptural. Jesus came to Britain as a teenager with his Uncle Joe on his boat and spent most of his life in Britain; after Jesus's death the said Joseph of Arimathea returned to Britain and established the first Christian Church. St Simon Zelotes and Paul of Tarsus also came to Britain later, each individually. Rome as a Christian centre comes after Jerusalem and Glastonbury (with York). It accepts claims that the family tomb including that of Yeshua the Messiah has been found. This Church does not ordain women. The true Universal Christian Church is Anglican (Arian).
ACC: Hessle (99 Boothferry Road near Hull): Brian Michael-John Mackenzie-Hanson, Overseer and Primate of the Arian Catholic Church, in the Archdiocese of York.

Not Old Catholic or Liberal Catholic, nevertheless clergy and laity of that episcopal stream have joined this umbrella grouping. There is a Leadership Council and Regional Servant Leaders, the latter of whom deal in training for ordination. Some ministers have dual memberships. There are affiliated Churches.
Leadership Council: Ally Howell, Heather Marie Janes, Rev. Ann Luctherhand Joyce, Rev. Ted Warner, Rev. Lee Whittaker
Connected Facebook Groups: The Progressive Christian Alliance, The Sacramental Fellowship of the Progressive Christian Alliance, Theology Discussion Group, The Interfaith Special Ministries Group, Arts Community.
Example Church: Rev. Gina Pond, Between the Worlds Church - Pagan, Celtic, Christian.
In the UK (includes): Rev. Simon Mapp, Rev. Mark Townshend, Rev. Richard Britton (also CCC)



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