The Hindu Year


Some Hindu Events - and God/s - with Notes


This is the festival commemorating Shiva's cosmic dance of creation, preservation and destruction. Shiva further represents selflessness, simplicity of living, meditation, generosity and richness of thoughts. This is because materialistic matters deteriorate. Vishnu worships Shiva this day at midnight and people fast in the day and keep vigil at night.


Prahlad was devoted to Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap, a demon king decided to punish him. He needed his sister Holika's help because she was immune to fire, so Holika grabbed Prahlad and took him into the fire. But God intervened and switched the immunity around. Holika and her evil perished. This is why people light fires. They also smear colours on to the face and spray coloured water at people.

Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman (a monkey God because of a curse) was dedicated to Rama in saving Sita his wife from Ravana. Devotees of Hanuman visit a temple. The birthday is given as a Saturday and people also visit temples on Tuesday. Qualities of Hanumen include intelligence, strength, celibacy and selfless devotion. Wherever Rama is worshipped Hanuman is close by. Hanuman is often shown with a yellow body, red face and a red loin cloth.
Hanuman's strength is within the story that as a child he tried to capture the sun. The sun hid and the universe became dark. Hanuman however found the sun and the Gods had to intervene to save the sun and universe.


Krishna was born in prison at midnight, the eighth child to Devaki (mother, Kansa's cousin) and Vasudeva. Kansa the king imprisoned them because an oracle said their eighth child would kill him. The when the eighth was born, the guards fell into a deep sleep and the parent's binds were loosened. They were able to switch the child with his sister's new born in the village of Gokul. Going there a cobra leapt out of water to protect the disguised Krishna from the rain. The baby was switched but Kansa was unable to kill the girl. When Krishna grew up he killed the King.

Diwali Deepawali

Lord Ram returned to his capital Ayodhya, after 14 years in exile. He was received in triumph because he had removed Ravana. Lord Krishna is also said to have slayed Narakasura, a demon who captured the 'gopi's' of Mathura, and this event too is celebrated with fireworks in Brindavan.
Dhanteras is day one of five, where people worship their wealth through Goddess Lakshmi. Chotti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdashi is day two. Laxmi Pujan or Chopada-Puja is day three when the entire day is devoted to worshipping books. Krishna discarded his body this day. Padwa or Varsha Pratipada is the fourth day (New Years Day). Bhai Dooj or Bhai Beej on day five is when the bond of love is celebrated between brothers and sisters.


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