Searching for Truth

Posted to Surefish 24th April 2004 at 01:26

The question is what are you measuring doubt against? Presumably a given orthodoxy, a standard set externally, an imagined God. Why not look at it a different way. For example, social anthropology has the view of the gift. You give of yourself to receive something far greater. It is true in sexual relationships, in the economy (paying to get), and also in religious ritual. So there is a self giving. You can see a sense of God in that. Or perhaps there is a problem say with different accounts in the gospels where they all cannot be true or conflated: so look at it from the valid faith as presented by each gospel author asking, at that time, where Jesus is now. Or if it is about science, well science is a narrative too, but there is plenty to feel wondrous about in evolution and in destruction and recreation without having to create another barrier. To me, doubt is not an issue, but rather how approach to faith relates to asking where you have been and where you are going in life.

Posted to Surefish 24th April 2004 at 01:36

For me religion is more like art, and there are literary narratives that can be followed or created. They point to truths, but probably not truth. Science may be a bit harder (solid), but it is a different language game.
Faith cannot be divorced from these considerations: if it is emotional then fine but such considerations still apply. Language universes do vary and stretch meanings, but one (religion) cannot really be of one universe while we live an otherwise different universe technically informed for the others.
The stories we live by have to have a consistency between them.


Adrian Worsfold