Letter (Tablet) from
Baha'u'llh to Queen Victoria

The Queen in London! Listen to God's voice, the God of all humanity, calling from the Lote-Tree of all the paradises, heavens, and universes : there is no God but Me, the Almighty, the All-Wise! Remove what is of this world, and head your Kingdom in the manner of God, the All Glorious. In truth, He has come into the world in His greatest glory, and has fulfilled all that was mentioned in the Gospel.
We are informed that you have forbidden the trading in slaves, both men and women. God has demanded such in this wondrous revelation. God therefore has decided to reward you. He, the All-Knowing, the All-Informed, rewards those who follow what is sent by Him. As for those who respond by ignorance or with pride, after knowing what is required, then God's work is left as nothing...
We have also heard that you gave power to [elected] representatives of the people. You have done well as this will add respect to the basis of government and bring peace to its subjects. However, the representatives must be trustworthy in their actions with God's people, and in fact they have responsibility towards all on earth. This is how God, Who is the Ruler, the All-Wise, counsels these representatives in this letter. Blessed is the representative who enters the assembly for the sake of God, and works for people with pure justice...
God has decided that the world will be healed when its people are united in one universal cause and one common faith. This can only be achieved by a divine, skilled, all-powerful and inspired Doctor.
He also wrote that countries should share armies to help world peace, with less competition in military strength, and common people should not be taxed too much.

Summary points from the letter:

He wants the (elected) Universal House of Justice to rule the world. The Universal House of Justice would combine all secular and all religious law-making functions.


1) Does he think Queen Victoria rules (choose one answer):

  1. On her own
  2. Rules with Lords and Ladies?
  3. Has an elected assembly of representatives?
  4. No one is in control

2) What is Baha'u'llh's attitude to elected assemblies? (choose one answer)

  1. He does not want to see any more
  2. He approves of them
  3. He thinks Kings and Queens should rule alone
  4. He thinks religions should have nothing to do with elected assemblies


With the coming of Baha'u'llh, and his message, the Bahai faith believes in:

Imagine you are a prophet writing a letter to a world leader today.

Choosing one or a few points of the list above, or using an idea of your own, write a letter to a selected world leader asking that something important is done for the whole world.

The person receiving the letter could be someone like the President of the United States, the President of Russia, the British Prime Minister, or the President of the European Commission.

Your address can be your own, or make one up as if from a religious leader. If you want to use Baha'u'llh's, his address is Akka, The Ottoman Empire.

Official Baha information: http://www.bahai.org

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A. Worsfold