Magazine Archive: The Hull Unitarian: June/ July 1995


held on 18th May 1995

Ahmed Mohi-uddin, assisted by his wife, opened a well-prepared and stimulating discussion on lslam supported by many books and illustrations.

ALLAH, as the only God, pervades all life and is manifest in the universe, but on rare occasions performs miracles such as a virgin birth.

The individual has direct access to God and the onus is on him/ her (the Arabic word has no gender distribution) to maintain awareness of His presence throughout all activities, which are required to be in accordance with His will.

PRAYER, five times a day, is required to ensure this awareness. An annual fast is a self-discipline and enables the rich to share the experience of poverty, but there is flexibility in its application, as with the pilgrimage to Makkah.

CHARITY, giving is expected, which is 2.5% of qualifying assets, essentials being exempt.

The Qur'an is a record of revelations of God's words received by Mohammad, some of which are mandatory but most of which are for guidance only. This is, to Muslims, a final revelation of God's will, and does not allow for modifications by continuing revelations; and this contrasts with Unitarian principles. it was written several decades after Mohammed's death.

In addition to his revelations Mohammad was an outstanding and trustworthy leader.

lnterest was such that discussion is provisionally to continue on Thursday 20th July, and Ahmed kindly agreed to come along then. All joined in thanking him. A gift of two books was made to us and will be available in the vestry.



Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful