Capturing Infinity

Does 0.999 recurring into infinity equal 1 or does it never quite reach 1?

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> Yes, it equals 1 due to the nature of infinity.


Here is a thought. One infinitely living monkey (random agent) sets out on a typewriter to produce a spotless Hamlet. When he gets it wrong, he starts again. The chance it will produce Hamlet is both about as zero and yet completely likely or 1. How come?

> The further a monkey is expected to write without error, the less likely will it produce the spotless full text from the keyboard - so very near to zero for the length of Hamlet in practice - but in infinity the monkey will do it, that is completely likely in theory. The probability of the next keypress being correct is the same as the last keypress being correct, however, or indeed pressing any predicted key.


Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful