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H="Apply or enquire by Email"
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;returns roman year in ^%temp% (clip call), ^%Result% (function)
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H=";Names "

H="CV Library"
CV Library


H=" "

H=";Cover Notes "

H="Cover note Intro"
My working and other experiences offer concrete transferable skills as follows:

H="No Cover Note"

No opportunity for cover note.

H="Cover note immediate"

I am available for work immediately and I have a car for commuting.

H="Cover note Administration"
Offered is direct experience of administration in offices and administrative support elsewhere, with fluency in broad and creative ICT use, including online, for which I have RSA III and ECDL qualifications, but a recent use in producing websites and magazines that far exceeds the qualifications.

Tasks experienced include communicating with businesses and the public with telephone calls; preparation of letters for email attachments or posting; document scanning, copying, making into PDFs, and storage indexing; database entry and maintenance; and spreadsheet entry and report producing.

H="Cover note Accuracy"

Research work meant designing and executing quantifiable data in retrievable form for the department and qualitative data for my own research and therefore emphasis on quality, relevance and accuracy.

H="Cover note Analytical"

I have a keen analytical mind based on years of training to Ph.D and MA levels in different subjects, with research methods employed, but also through an ability to write that cuts through to essentials and give a clear narrative of the issues involved.

H="Cover note Art"

I produce artwork and design for a printed and online magazine; I use a variety of artistic software and co-ordinate them together. Evidence of this is available online at my website http://www.pluralist.co.uk and click on Galleries on the top menu or go directly to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28120070/Pluralist/gallery.html. There are images of all categories, some of it originating on canvas and then scanned and some at the computer itself.

I use a whole variety of art software packages, from drawing to simulated painting and photographic manipulation, raster and vector, for online and printing. These also integrate with Desk Top Publishing and .PDF production.

I use many different and complementary art programs in my voluntary work as a magazine compiler that also feed into Desk Top Publishing and Word Processing in building up .PDF pages towards the final production. My hand coded website contains galleries of artwork - go to http://www.pluralist.co.uk for 'rooms' of art on different topics that I have created from the Gallery buttonor go directly to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28120070/Pluralist/gallery.html.

H="Cover note Basic Skills"

I have taught Basic Skills Literacy at FE level by means of traditional lessons and portfolio interrogation work with Travel and Tourism students at levels 1,2 and 3 (A level equivalent). I have taught text processing, word processing and Desk Top Publishing, with my own confident and creative use of ICT. I have also taught spreadsheet work requiring numeracy.

H="Cover note Business"

I see a direct connection between Agile approaches to business analysis and interaction sociology, that is communication and meaning generation and creating strategies and business planning 'from below'. I have a broad social sciences background including postgraduate to Ph.D.

H="Cover note Car"

Available for work immediately, I have a full, clean driving licence and own my own car and can commute.

H="Cover note Communication"
I have a pastoral and sensitive yet focused quality to my communication, forged through teaching, website design and magazine writing; this includes telephone work, with the product of clarity for each given audience.

Strong communication skills come from education work and website/ magazine writing.

First class communication skills were developed in education, website work and magazine production.

H="Cover note Confidentiality"

I understand and have had experience of both commercial (spreadsheet program workings) and pastoral (church) forms of confidentiality (and where confidentiality is denied, as in aspects of teaching). I am committed to inclusion beyond multiculturalism (I have written about this social aim in the Hull Unitarian Magazine that I write), had experience of managing young people in education and also understand the responsibilities and restrictions of data protection.

H="Cover note Customer Service"

I worked well at a customer drop-in centre arrangement, introducing adult students to computers and study skills, and enhanced learning through specific individual treatments.

I have received people into the office space and answered telephone calls from enquirers in an office setting.

H="Cover note Data"

I retain Ph.D level ability to analyse data and have taught as well as composed report writing. I have handled both qualitative and quantitative data for my and departmental analysis and I can do this with creative online ICT use.

Classifying and cataloguing meant I would summary read medical material and give it a classification and then enter this into a database. I have also recorded data into spreadsheets and made reports, this within a team and prioritising.

From research to administration I have given attention to both qualitative and quantitative details, with an ability to summary-read, edit and check back that what has been written is correct.

H="Cover note Decisions"

I have made critical and necessary decisions and always sought to give customers what they seek and better. Decision making has involved syllabus building and magazine design and compiling (layout, order of articles, allocating pages to pieces). Some decisions have involved persuading others as to their logical sense.

H="Cover note Deadlines"

Deadlines have been met in contexts of vital necessity (teaching - lesson planning, delivery, assessment) and prioritising including alone and in collaborative teams (the latter in administration where reports for customers came before data gathering and processing).

Ability to work to agreed deadlines, targets and objectives with organising skills has come with the necessity of lesson planning, delivery and assessment on time.

H="Cover note Education"

I have taught in schools (supply teaching and PGCE), colleges (FE - literacy, study skills, ICT), Higher Education (Sociology), Sixth Form (Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History), carried out training (ICT and websites) and aided understanding through resource papers and directed discussion (churches). I dealt with and made resources both online and in reprographics. So I have knowledge throughout the sector and all have employed the use of ICT.

Therefore I have strong inside and multi-institutional experience of education, knowing who fits what kind of post.

In voluntary work I produced a syllabus and carried out eighteen Theology Course sessions (continued until late 2010), and also recreated a 1971 dissertation on clergy training. I plan to do similar with a theology class. As a paid Service Users Participation Advisory (SUPA) Group member I assisted social worker student practice and their academic writing as well as marked tutor assessments of student portfolio evaluations. I taught Sociology at Wyke Sixth Form College at AS & A2 & GCSE with assessment and evaluation and full use of ICT. For Teaching Personnel and other agencies I was a Supply Teacher Secondary schools providing ICT resourced teaching cover across a wide range of subjects to highly diverse sets of students. Previously I had been a Hull College Lecturer in Keyskills Communications Levels at 1, 2 and 3 and before that HE Research Assistant, which meant providing ICT use advice and study skills materials and support.

I have a keen understanding of astrophysics and quantum theory and attempts to demonstrate origins and ends through both.

H="Cover note ICT"

I have very good knowledge of Microsoft Office and have even taught it. I can type at around 50 wpm and peaked at 60 wpm. The Excel element of a recent ECDL was faultless.

My ICT talents are broad and sharp, with a very strong educational background and the skills by which I design and write a small magazine (involving a range of interacting programs leading to .PDF pages). Voluntary work also includes the use of ICT to meet a music demand.

I have trained employees in document storage and retrieval, finding a best method for the firm (SGS Redwood Services) and introducing a broader understanding of ICT use across all abilities.

I dealt with and made resources both online and in reprographics with educational and training work.

H="Cover note Listening"

Pastoral training emphasised the need for active listening to the needs of people, carefully seeking information for data entry with diary use for qualitative material, accurately inputting data (NHS database and tourist information spreadsheets).

H="Cover note Literacy Numeracy"
My literacy and numeracy has been tested at different times (e.g. during teacher training) and my literacy is at a level of thesis and novel writing, with my numeracy able to handle quantitative data.

H="Cover note Marketing"

I have taught Business Studies and this has included marketing, which has remained relevant in the promotion of websites and media productions with which I have been involved.

H="Cover note Organising"

As Steering Committee Secretary I took the minutes, organised meetings and was involved in diary management; and in voluntary church work I have often taken the minutes of meetings.

H="Cover note Prioritising"

When facing the necessities of lesson planning, assessment, marking and evaluation, along with resource building for the future, training, website additions and meetings, it became necessary to prioritise. Also I have prioritised with gathering data (a steady stream of work) and producing reports (to a timetable).

H="Cover note Qualifications"

My at least GCSE level Maths & English/ numeracy & literacy has been regularly tested.

My ICT use exceeds my formal RSA III and ECDL qualifications and in the latter my Excel examination was faultless.

I also possess three degrees and two teaching qualifications, with additional education learning.

My Ph.D is in the sociology of religion. My MA covers modern theology and an interface with social science. My BA (Hons.) was across economics, politics and sociology. I retain a key and active interest in all these areas. I have a PGCE (Religious Education), an adult/ FE teaching qualification.

H="Cover note Report Writing"

My report writing commercially was through using spreadsheets and I have text and word processed in the methodology of the Report and supervised the arrangement of student reports.

I have generated reports both in Word Processing and via spreadsheets in administrative settings, and in education I have taught how to arrange reports.

I attended a weekend training in Unitarian Communicators publicity including the techniques of press release writing.

H="Cover note SEO"

I promote my website and others I manage with some SEO methods (economic meta data, blogging, social media, internal and external links, frequent updates, own searching) and use software to test its structures with diagrammatic tentacles. I offer evidence of my understanding of SEO issues at my website, directly to the page at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28120070/Pluralist/learning/ict/seowebsitework.html

I have designed websites and taught how to maintain them for charities and small firms, and my understanding of SEO issues is demonstrated in a webpage on my website at the direct link of https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28120070/Pluralist/learning/ict/seowebsitework.html.

I am a user of social media with public and friends settings, blog (integrated with my long-standing website by menu) and have an entry on Linked-in.

H="Cover note Subjects"

I have taught Sociology in sixth form and at university, Business Studies and Text Processing in Further Education, MS Office and Desk Top Publishing in adult education, MS Office for training in small firms, websites to charities, and Psychology, History and General Studies on a supply basis; I have a PGCE in Religious Education (Secondary) and City and Guilds 730 Further and Adult Education Part 1, and along with some ministry training studied a course on the Psychology of Learning. I taught Theology to a church group and plan to repeat this within a Creative Learning Centre. Much of the material evidence of content is on my own website at http://www.pluralist.co.uk.

H="Cover note Team"

I have worked as part of a team for example in collaborative teaching and in committee work inside education and for planning voluntary work activities. In administration team work meant sharing tasks and prioritising in a co-ordinated manner.

H="Cover note Telephone"

Excellent telephone manner has been pursued for data collecting and parents interviewing with a focus of patient respect for the individual at the other end of the line.

As part of administrative experience I have worked busily with the telephone, taking data information and speaking about sensitive matters.

Telephone work included working with business data suppliers, handled on a business to business basis.

Of course I saw the connection between what happened by telephone and outcomes.

H="Cover note Training"

I have liaised and negotiated to produce bespoke training on a data storage solution, PDF file use and website making and maintenance. I have also taught MS Office, Desk Top Publishing and Literacy (up to A Level supporting equivalent).

H="Cover note Learning"

With a PhD and MA and continued attention to matters of education and communication I am able to learn quickly. I am artistic, analytical and literate. Constantly developing new skills and much using ICT (like magazine production, music composition) I am adaptable.

H="Cover note Unsupervised"

I have often worked unsupervised, yet co-ordinating through email, as with present magazine production, and also in designing and writing training. As such, I have had to multi-task successfully.

H="Cover note Websites"

I am well capable - with the necessary all-round literacy and artistic skills - of updating websites and reviewing their content as clear, essential and concise: removing verbosity and also irrelevant material that irritates readers looking for clarity.

I have hand coded websites from scratch using XHTML and some XML and shown people in small shops and charities demonstations of use, how to maintain them and develop them further. I have shown how to integrate website use with other creative software.  I have used File Transfer Protocol.

I have produced websites through HTML and CSS assisted coding with some plugged-in javascript in a disciplined, limited but effective manner. I code to 800 by 600 so that every browser sees the result without horizontal scrolling. I try to use limited and often complementary colours. The result should not be too 'heavy' in terms of downloading. Pages that must appear the same, or become documents like guides and reports, are provided as .PDF pages, including sheet music. Other documents include .XML for music composing, .MID for basic music, and MP3 for complex music. My latest website is Hull's Creative Learning Centre, a collection of voluntary bodies and individuals that use the space of Chamberlain House in Hull, and the related website for Hull Folk Club.



H="Cover note Writing"

I would like to highlight my magazine writing at present with articles of 400 and 800 words, and all that is associated with different software producing PDF pages and combining these together. I have written study skills materials before. In addition to PhD, dissertation and articles writing, I have worked on a novel for some years that is around 400 pages long and interweaves complex ethical themes and human behaviour.


H=";Text Processing"

H="Bullet point"

H="Brackets surround"
^!Keyboard HOME

H="Paras regularise"
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^!Replace "\t" >> " " RWAS
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^!Replace " ^P" >> "^P" WAS
^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

^!Replace "  " >> " " WAS
^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

^!Replace "^P" >> "^P^P" WAS

^!Replace "^P^P^P" >> "^P^P" WAS
^!IfError Next else Skip_-2

^!SetScreenUpdate On

H="Spaces reduce"
^!SetScreenUpdate Off
^!StatusShow Spaces reducing
^!Keyboard CTRL+HOME
^!Replace "  " >> " " [WAS]
^!IFError END1
^!GoTo LOOP1

^!Keyboard CTRL+END

H="Tabs remove"
^!Replace ^P^T^T ^P CWSA
^!Replace ^P^T ^P CWSA
^!Replace ^T CWSA


H=";File Processing"

H="File name to title"
^!SetClipboard ^$GetDocName()$
^!Jump Doc_Start
^!InsertText ^p^p
^!Jump Doc_Start
^!Select Bol

H="File name date this save"
^!Set %First%=^?[Choose a filename=_Temporary|Fred|Text|File|Note]

^!Set %Date%=^$GetDate(yyyymmdd)$
^!Set %Filename%="^%First% ^%Date%"
^!Save As "^%Filename%.txt"

H="Filename date this rename"
^!Set %First%=^$GetName(^$GetDocName$)$
^!Set %Date%=^$GetDate(yyyymmdd)$
^!Set %Filename%="^%First% ^%Date%"
^!RenameDoc ^%Filename%.txt

H="File this move"
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^!RecycleFile "^%ThisFile%"
^!ToolBar Close Document

H="Folder open"
^!Shell "^?{(T=D)Enter folder name/ Use button=^$GetExpandedName$}"