Freeware Snapfiles

Diagrammatic Production Notes

This is about images and text that constitute flow diagrams, organisation charts, presentations and gantt diagrams. Spider diagrams (mind mapping) are regarded here as trees.
Gantt Designer (Necessary free registration)
Dazzler (Logical presentations; very expensive unless an old magazine copy)
Open Office Impress (Presentation maker)
Ragtime Solo
MS Powerpoint (Presentation maker)
Powerbullet Presenter (Flow Chart)
Flow Chart Maker (Cosmi Software and Pacestar Software)
Diagrams Jan Verhoeven
Visual Thought (Flow Chart)

Flow diagrams use recognised symbols for going through decision making problems. The flowchart shapes are for action, data, decision, terminal, document, input. The software usually drops, drags and snaps together arrows and symbols, with many libraries to choose from.
Visual Thought became free.The code for the 13 years licence is 4687 5261 1375 3152 2773 94 and more information is at the link above.


Adrian Worsfold