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H=";Imperial to metric"

H="Cubic inches to cubic metres"
 ^!CALC=[16.3889*^?[Cubic inches]]=Cubic metres

H="Cubic feet to cubic metres"
^!CALC=[0.0283*^?[Cubic feet]]=Cubic metres

H="Square yards to square metres"
^!CALC=[0.8361*^?[Square yards]]=Square metres

H="Square feet to square metres"
^!CALC=[0.0929*^?[Square feet]]=Square metres

H="Inches to millimetres"
^!Set %INCHES%=^?[Inches long=1]
^!Set %mm%=^$Calc((^%INCHES%*25.4);4)$
^!Info ^%INCHES% = ^%mm% millimetres

H="Feet to millimetres"
^!Set %FEET%=^?[Feet long=1]
^!Set %mm%=^$Calc((^%FEET%*304.8);4)$
^!Info ^%FEET% = ^%mm% millimetres

H="Inches to metres"
^!Set %INCHES%=^?[Inches long=1]
^!Set %Metres%=^$Calc(((^%INCHES%/12)*0.3048);3)$
^!Info ^%INCHES% = ^%Metres% metres

H="Feet & inches to metres"
^!Set %FEET%=^?[FT =1]; %IN%=^?[INCHES =1]
^!Set %FT%=^$Calc((((^%FEET%)*12)+(^%IN%))/12)
^!Set %Metres%=^$Calc((%FT%*0.3048);3)$
^!Info ^%FEET% ft - ^%IN% inches = ^%Metres% metres

H="Feet & inches & fractions to metres"
^!Set %FEET%=^?[Feet =1]; %IN%=^?[Inches =1]; %FRAC%=^?[Fraction =1]
^!Set %Metres%=^$Calc((((((^%FEET%)*12)+(^%INCHES%)+(^%FRAC%))/12)*0.3048);3)$
^!Info ^%FEET% - ^%IN% ^%FRAC% = ^%Metres% metres

H="Inches to centimetres"

H="Feet to metres"

H="Yards to metres"

H="Cubic inches to cubic metres"
^!CALC=[16.3889*^?[Cubic inches]]=Cubic metres

H="Miles to kilometres"

H="Gallons to litres"

H="Ounces to grams"

H="Pounds to kilograms"

H="Fahrenheit to centigrade"
^!CALC=[(^?[Temperature in fahrenheit]-32)*5/9]=degrees centigrade

H="Time Length to time on"



H=";Metric to imperial"

H="Square metres to square feet"
^!CALC=[10.7642*^?[Square feet]]=square metres

H="Square metres to square yards"
^!CALC=[1.1960*^?[Square yards]]=square metres

H="Cubic centimetres to cubic inches"
^!calc=[0.06102*^?[Cubic centimetres]]=cubic inches

H="Cubic metres to cubic feet"
^!CALC=[35.3356*^?[Cubic feet]]=cubic metres

H="Millimetres to inches"
^!set %mm%=^?[millimetres long=1]
^!Set %INCHES%=^$Calc((^%mm%*0.03937);4)$
^!InsertText ^%mm% mm = ^%INCHES% Inches

H="Metres to feet & inches"
^!Set %Metres%=^?[Metres long=1]
^!Set %FEET%=^$Calc((^%Metres%*3.2808);4)$
^!Set %FEET2%=^$Calc(int(^%FEET%))$
^!Set %INCHES%=^$Calc((^%FEET%-^%FEET2%)*12)$
^!Info ^%Metres% Metres = ^%FEET2% FT ^%INCHES% inches

H="Grams to lbs"
^!Set %G%=^?[Grams=1]
^!Set %LBS%=^$Calc((^%G%/453.6);2)$
^!Info ^%g% Grams = ^%LBS% lbs. weight

H="Centimetres to inches"

H="Metres to feet"

H="Metres to yards"

H="Cubic centimetres to cubic inches"
^!CALC=[0.06102*^?[Cubic centimetres]]=cubic inches

H="Kilometres to miles"

H="Litres to gallons"

H="Grams to ounces"

H="Kilograms to pounds"

H="Centigrade to fahrenheit"
^!CALC=[^?[Temperature centigrade]*(9/5)+32]=fahrenheit


H=";Within Imperial"

H="Acres to square feet"
^!Set %Acre%=^?[Acre=1]
^!Set %SqFt%=^$Calc(^%Acre%*43560)$
^!Info ^%Acre% = ^%SqFt% square feet

H="Square feet to acres"
^!Set %SqFt%=^?[Square feet=43560]
^!Set %Acre%=^$Calc(^%SqFt%/43560)$
^!Info ^%SqFt% = ^%Acre% acre

H="Cubic inches to cubic feet"
^!Set %VOLUME%=^?[Amount to convert=1]
^!Set %SQFT%=^$Calc(^%VOLUME%/1728)$
^!Info ^%VOLUME% = ^%SQFT% cubic feet

H="Inches to square feet"
^!Set %LENGTH%=^?[Inches long=1]; %WIDTH%=^?[Inches wide=1]
^!Set %SQFT%=^$Calc((^%LENGTH%/12)*(^%WIDTH%/12))$
^!Info (^%LENGTH%/12) * (^%WIDTH%/12) = ^%SQFT% square feet

H="Feet to square feet"
^!Set %LENGTH%=^?[Feet long=1]; %WIDTH%=^?[feet wide=1]
^!Set %SQFT%=^$Calc((^%LENGTH%)*(^%WIDTH%))$
^!Info (^%LENGTH%) * (^%WIDTH%) = ^%SQFT% square feet

H="Feet to cubic feet"
^!Set %LENGTH%=^?[Feet long=1]; %WIDTH%=^?[Feet wide=1];%DEPTH%=^?[Feet deep=1]
^!Set %CUFT%=^$Calc((^%LENGTH%)*(^%WIDTH%)*(^%DEPTH%))$
^!Info (^%LENGTH%) * (^%WIDTH%) * (^%DEPTH%)= ^%CUFT% SQ FT

H="Cubic feet to gallons"
^!Set %LENGTH%=^?[Feet long=1]; %WIDTH%=^?[Feet wide=1];%DEPTH%=^?[Feet deep=1]
^!Set %CUFT%=^$Calc((^%LENGTH%)*(^%WIDTH%)*(^%DEPTH%))$
^!Set %GAL%=^$Calc((^%CUFT)/0.1337)$
^!Info (^%LENGTH%) * (^%WIDTH%) * (^%DEPTH%)= ^%CUFT% CU FT, ^%GAL gallons

H="Cubic inches to gallons"
^!Set %LENGTH%=^?[Inches long=1]; %WIDTH%=^?[inches wide=1];%DEPTH%=^?[inches deep=1]
^!Set %CUIN%=^$Calc((^%LENGTH%)*(^%WIDTH%)*(^%DEPTH%))$
^!Set %GAL%=^$Calc((^%CUIN)/231)$
^!Info (^%LENGTH%) * (^%WIDTH%) * (^%DEPTH%)= ^%CUFT% CU IN, ^%GAL gallons

H="Gallons to depth"
^!Set %LENGTH%=^?[Feet long=1]; %WIDTH%=^?[Feet wide=1];%GAL%=^?[Gallons needed=1]
^!Set %CUFT%=^$Calc((^%GAL%)*0.1337)$
^!Set %DEPTH%=^$Calc(((^%CUFT%)/(^%LENGTH%))/(^%WIDTH%))$
^!Info (^%LENGTH%)Length, (^%WIDTH%)Width, (^%GAL%)Gallons = ^%CUFT% Cubic feet, ^%DEPTH% deep

H="Object volume"
^!Set %FT1%=^?[Feet1=1]; %IN1%=^?[Inches1=1]; %FRAC1%=^?[Fraction1=1]; %FT2%=^?[Feet2=1]; %IN2%=^?[Inches2=1]; %FRAC2%=^?[Fraction2=1]; %FT3%=^?[Feet3=1]; %IN3%=^?[Inches3=1]; %FRAC3%=^?[Fraction3=1]
^!Set %CUFT%=^$Calc((((^%FT1%*12)+(^%IN1%)+(^%FRAC1%))/12)*(((^%FT2%*12)+(^%IN2%)+(^%FRAC2%))/12)*(((^%FT3%*12)+(^%IN3%)+(^%FRAC3%))/12))$
^!Info ^%CUFT% cubic feet

 H="Feet to inches"
^!Set %FEET%=^?[Feet long=1]
^!Set %INCHES%=^$Calc(^%FEET%*12)$
^!Info ^%FEET% = ^%INCHES% inches

H="Feet to feet & inches"
^!Set %FEET%=^?[FEET =1.5]
^!Set %FEET2%=^$Calc(int(^%FEET%))$
^!Set %INCHES%=^$Calc((^%FEET%-^%FEET2%)*12)$
^!Info ^%CONVERSION% = ^%FEET2% FT ^%INCHES% inches

H="Inches to feet"
^!Set %INCHES%=^?[Inches long=1]
^!Set %FEET%=^$Calc(^%INCHES%/12)$
^!Info ^%INCHES% = ^%FEET% feet

H="Feet & inches to inches"
^!Set %FT%=^?[Feet =1]; %IN%=^?[inches =1]; %FRAC%=^?[fraction =1]
^!Set %INCHES2%=^$Calc(((^%FT%)*12)+(^%IN%)+(^%FRAC%))$
^!Info ^%CONVERSION% = ^%INCHES2% inches

H="Feet & inches to feet"
^!Set %FEET%=^?[Feet =1]; %IN%=^?[inches =1]; %FRAC%=^?[fraction =1]
^!Set %FEET2%=^$Calc((((^%FEET%)*12)+(^%IN%)+(^%FRAC%))/12)$
^!Info ^%FEET% Feet + ^%IN% ^%FRAC% Inches = ^%FEET2% feet

H="Inches to feet & inches"
^!Set %INCHES%=^?[Inches long=1]
^!Set %FEET%=^$Calc((INT(^%INCHES%/12)))$
^!Set %INCHES2%=^$Calc((^%INCHES)-(INT(^%FEET%*12)))$
^!Info ^%INCHES% = ^%FEET% feet ^%INCHES2% inches


H=";Areas and Volume"

H="Cylinder, volume"

H="Cone, volume"
^!CALC=[3.1416*^?[Radius of base]^2*^?[Height]/3]=volume

H="Sphere, volume"

H="Sphere, surface area"
^!CALC=[3.1416*^?[Diameter]^2]=surface area

H="Triangle, area"
^!CALC=[^?[Length of base]*^?[Height]/2]=area

H="Circle, area"

H="Circle, circumference"



H="Your ideal weight?"
;Lorentz Formula (thanks Christophe!)
^!Prompt Ideal weight = ^$Calc((^?[Height (cm)]-100)-((^?[Height (cm)]-150)/^?[Sex=_Male^=4|Female^=2]))$ kilograms



H="Mortgage rate"
;Clip developed by Edward S. Wozniak
 ^!Prompt Mortgage rate = ^$Calc(^?[Mortgage amount]*(^?[interest rate (%)]/1200)*(1+^?[Interest rate (%)]/1200)^(^?[Length of the loan (in years)]*12)/((1+^?[Interest rate (%)]/1200)^(^?[Length of the loan (in years)]*12)-1))$ per month

H="Future value of deposit"
;Clip developed by Edward S. Wozniak
 ^!Prompt Final Balance = ^$Calc(^?[Fixed monthly deposit]*((1+^?[Interest Rate (%)]/1200)^(^?[Total deposit periods (in years)]*12)-1)/(^?[Interest Rate (%)]/1200))$


H=";Days and times"

H="Calculate days/ times"
;Leonard O. Hargrove, Jr.,  LenAndMary@att.net,  99/08/31
;For use with NoteTab versions 4.6 and higher.
^!SetListDelimiter ":"
^!SetArray %1T%="000:00:00:00"
^!SetArray %2T%="000:00:00:00"
^!SetWizardTitle "Add/ subtract days/ times"
^!SetWizardLabel "Format:  days:hrs:mins:secs,  24 hr time"
^!SetArray %1T%=^?{(M="000:00:00:00;1; ")Enter highest values of interest=^%1T%}; %2T%=^?{(M="000:00:00:00;1; ")Press ESC to clear an entry=^%2T%}; %op%=^?{Select operator:    use Cancel to exit==_Add^=+|Subtract (1st entry must be largest)^=-|Help^=help}
^!IfCancel finish
^!If ^%op% <> help Skip_2
^!Clip CalcD/TInfo
^!GoTo return
^!If ^%1T2% > 23 error
^!If ^%1T3% > 59 error
^!If ^%1T4% > 59 error
^!If ^%2T2% > 23 error
^!If ^%2T3% > 59 error
^!If ^%2T4% > 59 error

^!SetArray %3T%=^$Calc(^%1T1%^%op%^%2T1%)$:^$Calc(^%1T2%^%op%^%2T2%)$:^$Calc(^%1T3%^%op%^%2T3%)$:^$Calc(^%1T4%^%op%^%2T4%)$

^!If ^%3T4% >= 0 Skip_2
^!Inc %3T4% 60
^!Dec %3T3% 1
^!If ^%3T3% >= 0 Skip_2
^!Inc %3T3% 60
^!Dec %3T2% 1
^!If ^%3T2% >= 0 Skip_2
^!Inc %3T2% 24
^!Dec %3T1% 1

^!If ^%3T4% < 60 Skip_2
^!Dec %3T4% 60
^!Inc %3T3% 1
^!If ^%3T3% < 60 Skip_2
^!Dec %3T3% 60
^!Inc %3T2% 1
^!If ^%3T2% < 24 Skip_2
^!Dec %3T2% 24
^!Inc %3T1% 1

^!Set %ct%=4
^!If ^%3T^%ct%% > 10 Skip
^!Set %3T^%ct%%="0^%3T^%ct%%"
^!Dec %ct%
^!If ^%ct% <> 0 Skip_-3

^!Set %4T%="^$Calc(Abs(^%3T1%);0)$d ^%3T2%:^%3T3%:^%3T4%"
^!If ^%3T1% >= 1 Skip
^!Set %4T%="^%3T2%:^%3T3%:^%3T4%"

^!SetWizardTitle "Add/subtract days/times"
^!SetWizardLabel "Calculation:  ^%1T% ^%op% ^%2T% ="
^!Set %ans%=^?{Results (may be changed)=^%4T%}; %trash%=^?{==Select OK to insert or Cancel for Calculating Day/ time}
^!IfCancel Skip
^!InsertText ^%ans%
^!GoTo return

^!Prompt One or more of the entries exceeds the hh:mm:ss format requirement.
^!GoTo return

^!GoTo End