Jean Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development

Birth to 2 years Sensory Perception.
Motor activity. Few complex mental images. Ego centric. Object permanence.

2 to 7 years Pre-operational (2 to 4 Preconceptual, 4 to 7 Intuitive)
Own viewpoint only. Unable to image other perspectives. Cannot accept others' views. Animism, transductive reasoning.
7 to 11 years Concrete Operations
Sees world more objectively. Understands others' views. Language communicates thoughts. Relates conversation.
11 plus Formal Operations
Hypothesise. Abstract thought. Sees the ideal. Imagination can carry out activities and transfer them to reality.

0 - 1 Trust, relates to one.
1 - 3 Autonomy, more body control.
3 - 6 Initiative, imagination, conscience, guilt.
6 - 12 Industry, produces, works, sees tasks through
12 - 18 Identity, physical change, concerned with appearance