Crosswords - Inspiring Definitions

Some Definitions for Crosswords

Sin Sort of musical disobedience to God
Weber He says net joined up beliefs can change society
Marx Stated that infrastructure creates beliefs
Puritan Leonard Chamberlain was purely one of these
Durkheim He says by religion people worship society
Functionalist Durkheim and Malinowski cohere as variants
Marxism Class struggle for social change
Islam Submission said to have existed since Adam
Buddhism Dharma 500 years older than Christian friend
Hinduism Back religion of none, one, three, thirty three thousand, Gods
Jainism Religion that inspired Gandhi and doesn't harm animals
Protestants Christians who declare objection to God's vicar on earth
Liberation Form of freeing theology that uses Marxism
Salvation Army of saving from sin and achieving bliss
Postmodernity Condition of choice, no metanarrative, no objective truth
Calvinist Protestant who believes in predestination where work honours God
Predestination Situtation of all knowing God who knows who is saved and damned before they live
Spirit That capitalist aspect that matches the Protestant Ethic
Civil Rights of M. L. King and Bellah's religion
Tutu Liberating opponent of Apartheid and slang for upper second degree
King The most royal of civil rights men
Luther Original reformer and civil rightsist who was not dross
Poland Country of religious Solidarity
Capitalism Economic system that spirits the Protestant Ethic
Sign What a Calvinist needs to be directed to assuredness about salvation
False Form of consciousness that misleads from true interests
Nelson Admirable sociologist who gives examples where religion has undermined social stability
Conservative Status quo party of social impact of religion
Atheism A godless condition
Sacred Coloured spoken forbidden of a numinous quality
Animism Plants and animals endoed with the sacred
Totemism Sacred object binding society mystically to send American Indians up the pole
Belief   Something held to be true, sometimes supernatural
Cargo Cults of millenarian style in New Guinea when trade goods will miraculously appear
Wallis Cult man
Wilson Prime Ministerial sect man
Christianity start of Common Era religion
Conscience It is individual and, for Durkheim, collective
Cult sometimes New Age and older leadership dependent group
Denomination Socially mobile between sect and church
Disenchantment Sad feeling of the march of rationality and science dropping religion as a social factor
Ecumenism Different Chritian groups getting together, some say due to secularisation and decline
Ethnicity Shared identity constructed from on cultural, religious and traditional factors, only may be racial
Fundamentalism Return to scriptural literalism in religion
Halvey Thesis that Methodism prevented workers' revolution by organising demands for peaceful change
Inclusivist Broader than conventional definition of religion
Exclusivist Conventional definition of religion that keeps ouy other meaning systems
Individuation Process where religious institutions are less important in an individual's search for maning
Magic Means of ritual to bring in supernatural powers to intervene in the world
Messiah Prophet to bring in the end time; the saving prophet
Messianic Movement of the type and perceived time that expects the world to be transformed or ended by supernatural intervention
Monotheism One single God
Myth A sacred story of significance in a culture
NRM Capitals for up to date cults
Right New of form of this hand that wants to back to traditional values
Nonconformity Dissent from practice of Anglican Church in England and Wales
Opium Religion is like this drug, said Marx
Polytheism A religion with many Gods
Profane Anything not set apart and forbidden, according to Durkheim
Religion Organised expression of meaning, often involving the sacred
Religiosity Attempt to measure how religious someone is.
Revolutionist Sect type (after Wilson) that thinks the world will change after one single coming cataclysmic event
Rite Ritual that sees someone passing through an important stage of life.
Catholic Roman and hierarchical church
Secularisation Process by which religion loses social significance
Taboo Forbidden by religion or custom
Theocracy Where the priestly caste runs the state on behalf of its religion
Theodicy Explanation of the contrast between a loving all poweful \god and the existence of evil and pain in the world; Weber has it of disprivilege for religion explaining and allowing inequality
Theory In sociology, a systematic and general attempt to explain social phenomena
Hypothesis A theory that is put to research for possible modification


Adrian Worsfold