European Union and Related

This can be turned into exercises using the graphics for teaching about the European Union, identifying flags and Venn Diagrams.

The principal graphic is a near copy of that used by Barry Gardiner MP in his presentation to the Progress Group of the Labour Party in June 2017.

The European Free Trade Association comes first. Then two in it decided to join the European Economic Area, and this is in all effect the Single Market as in the European Union and thus surrounds it. Wholly inside the European Union is the Eurozone. The free travel (as if no-borders) Schengen Area (that has most impact within the EEA free movement of people) stretches into the EEA and EFTA sectors. Turkey as a special arrangement with the European Union Customs Union, where the EU controls and regulates all trading arrangements with external countries, and it also surrounds the European Union.

A guessing game can be held as to where the United Kingdom could end up should negotiations result in the UK leaving the European Union.

The identifications are, then (nothing listed in any particular order):

Core: European Union, Eurozone, Schengen Area: Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia.

European Union, Eurozone: Ireland, Cyprus.

European Union, Schengen Area: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, poland, Sweden.

European Union: United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Rumania.

European Economic Area, European Free Trade Area, Schengen Area: Iceland, Norway.

European Economic Area, European Free Trade Area: Liechtenstein.

European Free Trade Area, Schengen Area: Switzerland.

European Union Customs Union: Moldova, San marino, Turkey (by special arrangement).


Adrian Worsfold

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