Gynoid and Android
Based Exercises

15 advisoryPlease note that issues here concern female body shapes and are not relevant for children. People aged 15 or under should not read. Otherwise proceed.



There are two classes of female body known as the Android and the Gynoid, each of which have associated exercises.

Funnel (Android) Cat
Kelly (Gynoid) Thigh
Kelly (Gynoid) and Egg timer (Gynoid) Hip and thigh
Funnel (Android) Inner thigh
Vertical (Android) Waist swing
Egg timer (Gynoid} Waist twist
Kelly (Gynoid) and Vertical (Android) Stomach and waist
Kelly (Gynoid) and Funnel (Android) Stomach
Kelly (Gynoid) Whole leg
Back and Body Women's Upper

The difference between the two classes is that the gynoid have more female sex hormones and the android are closer to the male (hence the use of gyn - female - and and - male). The android have more upper body fat and the gynoid more lower body fat, and the upper body fat is more harmful. Therefore android women are more at risk of ill health if they put on much weight above their normal weight for their height. Fortunately it puts on less weight, including during pregnancy. The android class is less shapely than the gynoid class. The more shapely but often bigger gynoid women tend to do less exercise than their more athletic android counterparts.
It is possible to subdivide these main categories into kelly and egg timer for gynoid and funnel and straight for the android. These differences are at the margins, so that in the gynoid class kelly women have bigger hips than shoulders and egg timer women have equal hips and shoulders. Both have well defined waists. In the android class, funnel women have bigger shoulders than hips and straight women have equal shoulders and hips. Funnel (Android) women are the most masculine looking of women and tend not to put on much weight. For straight women, weight goes on their stomachs and upper body, especially as they get older. They have less indented waists than the gynoid types. Gynoid women put weight on to the hips and backsides especially. To some extent shapeliness is retained and it is a "safer" area for weight, although this is only a matter of degree.
The android women tend to be more active in their exercise in amount and vigour, whereas gynoid women need more coaxing into exercise and tend to prefer gentler exercise.
The exercises relate to the two classes of women and in some cases the subgroups.

Android Funnel Android Vertical
  • Straight hips narrower than shoulders
  • Lean lower legs usually
  • A defined waist and then hips narrow to thighs
  • Narrow pelvis and flattish bottom
  • Very top heavy appearance when overweight with weight added above hips to upper thighs, chest, face, stomach, upper arms
  • Hips as wide as shoulders
  • Lean legs and straight limbs
  • Strong body and thinner legs usually
  • Never much of a defined waist and tendency to go cubish
  • Straightish hips and flattish bottom
  • Weight adds to torso being upper hips, stomach, breasts, upper back but mainly the front
Gynoid Egg timer Gynoid Kelly
  • Hips as wide as shoulders
  • Fat distributed to breasts and hips
  • Breasts and hips rounded
  • Waist retained even with extra weight
  • Keeps rounded hips even with less weight
  • Weight adds everywhere but particularly lower hips and bottom
  • Hips bigger than breasts and wider than shoulders
  • Fragile looking shoulders and neck
  • More fat below the waist than above
  • Stomach tends to be flat
  • Hips and thighs rounded
  • Little weight added to shoulders and face


Funnel (Android) Cat
On the knees kneeling get the arms back and tuck down the head. From this curled up position, project forwards sweeping the arms around and forwards and raise the head up. Hold for ten seconds. Return in reverse raising up to sit on the back of the legs and feet again, arms sweeping back and head lowering. This takes come co-ordination. Do not overdo this with repeats.
Kelly (Gynoid) Thigh
One hand may use the support of a table edge or seat top. The feet should be a hip width apart and the heels raised off the ground. Go from a low squat to one six inches higher, and lower again. Repeat at least ten times keeping the back very straight throughout.
Kelly (Gynoid) and Egg timer (Gynoid} Hip and thigh
Lying on one side, and keeping straight, raise both legs together keeping them straight. Count to five. Lower and then swing the leg across to where it is close to ninety degrees to the hip. Count to five. Swivel it high so the leg is as vertical as possible. Count to five. Repeat increasing the time the leg stays in the different positions (ten, fifteen, twenty seconds). After four of these turn over on to the other side and exercise the other leg.

The muscles from the hips down the outside edge of the thighs are activated.
Funnel (Android) Inner thigh
inner thigh trimmer
The feet should press against something like chair or table legs. The legs are thus widened a little. Whether supported or not, stretch out the legs. Lift the head and shoulders, avoiding neck strain, and keeping the arms flat on the ground. Drop down the head carefully. Repeat only a few times. It works on the inner thighs.
Vertical (Android) Waist swing
Sit with one foot behind and one tucked under the back foot's thigh. Push the tucked foot's hip down a little and with raised arms swing downwards that way. Swing to the other side too with the feet in the same position. Repeat ten times. Then reverse around the feet and thigh drop, and swing that way too. Repeat ten times.
Egg timer (Gynoid} Waist twist
With the back of the whole body against the floor, become as long as possible. Then pointing toes upwards, place hands behind heads with elbows out and lift the head carefully avoiding neck and backstrain - the stomach is doing the work. Hold five seconds. Then relax back but move one forearm down and pick that leg up to bend at the knee and pull it in. The other leg should come off the ground unbent with foot pointing. Hold five seconds. Stretching out the bent leg and bending the stretched leg, twist the other way. Hold five seconds. Then carefully go back again to a stretched position as at the beginning. Once again the important matter is not to strain the back. This is to act on the waist and stomach muscles.
Kelly (Gynoid) and Vertical (Android) Stomach and waist
The feet can be tucked under a bed or sofa for support with knees bent, lying on the back. Hands are by each side. Stretch your arms forwards whilst tightening the buttock muscles and rounding the shoulders. The lower back must stay in contact with the ground. It is the stomach muscles that do the pulling as arms stay forward giving the direction. Going back uncurl the spine and shoulders until regaining full ground contact with feet and from the bottom upwards. Repeat three times. Do not strain the back and if the back is hurting stop because the stomach should be doing the work.
Kelly (Gynoid) and Funnel (Android) Stomach
Sitting on the floor, widen the legs as far as possible while maintaining upright balance. The arms too should go straight out at shoulder height. Then twisting at the waist, the left arm should touch the end of the right foot with the right arm going backwards straight out. It may not be possible to make contact, but it could come over time. Then touch the other foot with the other arm, and do these double moves five times.
Kelly (Gynoid) Whole leg
leg toner
It may be a good idea to have a hand opposite to the raised leg on a surface top. Bend the near knee a little and raise the other leg, toes pointed, as high as possible. Count to five. Slowly lower and raise again a number of times. Turn around and do the other leg. Do not lean backwards at any time.


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