AcuteRapid onset
AetiologyCause of the disease
ChronicSlow onset and long duration
CommunicableOne way or another is spreads
CongenitalPresent at birth genetically or prenatally
ConstitutionalHereditary make-up and involving the body as a whole
ContagiousRapidly spreads from one person to another
DeficiencyDisease comes from degeneration of tissues and organs
DiseasePathological condition of the body presenting its own symptoms and is an abnormal entity affecting all or parts of the body
EndemicContinuously found in a community
FamilialIn several members of a family
FunctionalNo anatomical changes account for the disease
HereditaryPassed down
IatrogenicDisease resulting from physicians (e.g., autosuggestion caused by examination)
IdiopathicNo causative factor
InfectiousPathogenic organism in the body
MalignantRapid and threatening death
OccupationalWork source
OrganicAnatomical changes in organ or tissue
PandemicVery widespread disease affecting the whole country
ParasiticFrom a parasite
PathologyEssential nature of the disease in structural and functional changes in tissues and body organs which cause or are caused by the disease
PeriodicRegular disease
PrognosisForecast of the result of the disease and the prospect of recovery
PsychosomaticMind and emotional cause
SporadicOccasional outbreak
SubacuteLess pronounced but more prolonged than acute
VeneralSexual cause