Questions on Abortion

Defining Abortion

1) Do abortions happen:

  1. Before birth?
  2. After birth?
  3. During birth?

2) Which of these involves abortion?

  1. The failure to fully conceive
  2. The foetus that fails to develop
  3. The breakdown of the uterus from medical intervention

3) Surgical abortion can happen:

  1. As soon a pregnancy is confirmed
  2. To extract early cell division embyos
  3. With exclusive drug use
  4. When a foetus is removed

4) If an abortion is deemed necessary, when is it best to perform it? Give reasons with the question. If you think all abortion is to be avoided at any time, provide some reasoning.

Old Laws (background)

5) Original common law approaches made abortion:

  1. Illegal
  2. Legal with severe consequences after 28 weeks
  3. Legal with uncertain consequences after 28 weeks
  4. Illegal to kill a human not yet quickened with a soul

6) From what point in pregnancy did the law of 1803 onwards make abortion illegal?

  1. Four weeks after the last normal menstrual period
  2. The quickening of the soul
  3. Conception
  4. Just before the birth

7) Do you think Dr Alex Bourne was saved from imprisonment in 1938 by the judge stretching of the truth? Give reasons for your answer in explaining the case.

Contemporary Laws

8) The 1967 Act made abortion:

  1. Punishable by 3 years imprisonment from conception
  2. Allowed 2 doctors to give purely social reasons to allow an abortion
  3. Allowed 2 doctors to give physical and psychological reasons to allow an abortion
  4. Made a decision on abortion by 2 doctors follow a rigid set of rules

9) The 1967 Act allowed abortion to be carried out by:

  1. Patients themselves and close relatives
  2. Certified medical practioners and approved location
  3. All existing clinics and practioners
  4. Contraception advice centres

10) Outline some of the effects of including psychological as well as physical health in the decision making process about whether an abortion can take place or not.

11) Adjustments in 1990 meant a time limit of:

  1. 28 weeks in any circumstance
  2. No time limit if two doctors so decide
  3. 24 weeks except for serious physical or mental injury to the mother or child
  4. 28 weeks except for serious physical or mental injury to the mother or child

12) What do you think are the connections between contraception and abortion and between cell research and abortion?