Word Puzzles

(from Lewis Carroll)

Linking Words

Link real words one to another of the same length with just one letter changed each time starting from the first given word until the final given word. Do this in as few words as possible.
(From 'More Doublets' in Wakeling, 22 and 67)

     DOCK  BREAD      

(Most examples from Wakeling, 22; 67)


Any three or more letters from the previous word links it to any next dictionary word. The links must be different each time and the words must not be of directly related meaning (like a noun followed by its verb etc.). The links go on until the final given word is achieved. The competitive element is to do this in as few links as possible. To make one's own puzzle the start and end words must be somehow culturally related.
(Simplified rules at variance from 'Syzygies' in Wakeling, 35-40)

 (           )  (           )  (           )
 (           )  (           )  (           )
 (           )  (           )  (           )
     (           )
 (           )  (           )  (           )
 (           )  (           )  (           )
 (           )  (           )  (           )
   (           )  (           )
     (           )

(Most examples from Wakeling, 35-40; 71)


Work out the anagrams from the clues.
(Adapted rules towards those of the standard crossword from 'Anagrammatic Sonnet' in Wakeling, 35-40)

 Blue dry one  
 Breaking story: she won't  
 Builder who says, "let's rap."  
 Cast in a Carry On  
 Commonly used? We don't  
 Going back to O Forge  
 I am dry too often to be counted  
 I tried to put things away  
 I went to tie a cord  
 Mammal saw eel  
 Not raised as yet  
 Not to try elm  
 Result of the war  
 The wig heavy on the head  
 To ride through a dangerously populated street  
 White and fleecy in Rome  
 No colour bias to her wit  

(Examples adapted from Wakeling, 31; 69)

Wakeling, E. (ed.) (1995), Rediscovered Lewis Carroll Puzzles, New York: Dover Publications, 22, 31, 35-40, 67, 69, 71.


Adrian Worsfold