The Cup

I should h_____ known better than to h_____ knocked the cup o_____ the shelf. However, I h_____ an excuse. I was in a library. I thought I was q_____ there but I was told I had been thinking a_____. The p_____, in charge of the college, no less, said it's a matter of p_____ that no one talks there. So I left. I did not know w_____ to go home of not: I did because the w_____ was awful. I suppose I should a/e_____ criticism like this, a/e_____ he had annoyed me. Then I saw my car was left wher no parking was a_____. So I drove home quickly, and came through the door in a rush, not getting p_____ that cup.

Going Private

        The receptionist asked, "Your dentist: w_____ is it now?"
        I said, "I don't k/n_____: you should."
        So she asked, "W_____ teeth are they then?"
        "Then it is y_____ responsibility, " she stated.
        I said, "My tooth is so l_____ that I could l_____ it. The e/a_____ of the pain is so bad that it could e/a_____ me for life, and I need a/e_____ treatment."
        She said, "Very sorry, we are t_____ busy. Come back in t_____ weeks t_____ this surgery. You could always pay."
        I said, "I will have t_____ pay: in t_____ weeks my mouth will be a s_____for sore eyes."
        She added, "Yes, it will be a s_____ of even greater agony. Right. The dentist you k/n_____ has gone so see the k/n_____ one now. Let me first see if you can pay by cash or credit card."

accept, affect, affective, cash, effect, effective, except, have, knew, know, loose, lose, new, no, Of, Off, passed, past, principal, principle, quiet, quite, sight, site, to, too, two, weather, whether, who's, whose

For higher ability is is better to keep the inserted first letters but not provide the word list. Then the title needs to be understood, although "soundalike" is not completely accurate as well as being a made up word.


Adrian Worsfold (including working texts)


Adrian Worsfold