Explaining No RSVP

Following information received from the Customer Relations Unit regarding Action Plan Ref: WEDINV/MANWOM a full series of investigating interviews has been carried out. The results are:

  1. The Action Plan once formulated was delegated to the Female Department on recognisable traditionalist lines.
  2. The delegatee did not understand the meaning of RSVP or traditional British customs regarding the wedding.

The general recommendations are:

  1. More staff training including avoiding assumptions of knowledge.
  2. The institution of an interactive information loop to monitor progress of the Action Plan.

The specific recommendation is:

  1. To reformulate the original Action Plan Ref: WEDINV/MANWOM into Ref: WEDINV/MANWOM2 and carry this out with the utmost urgency under conditions of strict monitoring.


Female Department reports no archiving of original documentation and this may affect the product of the Action Plan. Male Department has inputted general cultural archival information but there may still be gaps on the grounds of specificity.

Informal electronic responses were sent out including to the Customer Relations Unit and the direct parties on the grounds of speed only. A more formal response (which as noted may still be variant according to unknown specifics) was written with help of the Literacy Support Unit by the Male Department with the Female Department receiving further staff training. This was sent immediately.

Response may come about Ref: WEDINV/MANWOM2 from either the Customer Relations Unit or the Direct Parties and this will be used as part of the monitoring and improvement process.


This document may be used for training purposes


Some Questions

  1. Where might this type of writing be produced?
  2. What is this writing describing?
  3. A clue to this question is that the Customer Relations Unit is a friend or the two invited to a wedding.
  4. Does the style help or hinder the explanation what has happened?
  5. Why is this form of writing used (normally in other situations)?
  6. How can this kind of writing become clearer?
  7. A man loses his umbrella on a bus. Write in the above style his intention to get it back.


Adrian Worsfold


Adrian Worsfold