Read to Write

  1. Where were the real figures for the league tables?
  2. There were too many people in the room for one lesson.
  3. Most students believe that their writing is better than other students' writing.
  4. Having entered the classroom, he immediately opened the windows.
  5. They changed their marking to meet Mr Peter's expectations.
  6. Even the most intellectual of listeners will be confused by Mr Jones' lectures.
  7. The two students' bags have been taken.
  8. The English teacher stated, "This work is very characteristic of this student."
  9. This I read in a textbook: 'Peter Berger combines many aspects of sociology and, as a recent source stated, "He is one of the greats."'
  10. I need to practise my grammar.
  11. You're going to be late to the class.
  12. It's his essay; it's the best one we've seen.
  13. Because he had skipped so much homework, his mother wrung his neck.
  14. I could have revised much better.
  15. To write with precision it is necessary to have thought logically first.
  16. The dog ate my homework; it was its dinner.


Adrian Worsfold