Insert Punctuation
(for speech and more)

The woman from abroad was employed on a building site.

The manager said After this you will be infamous.

She replied What do you mean that no one will know me It is impossible Is it impossible Surely everyone will know me I have blown the works up!

No said the manager I meant everyone will definitely know you and for an indefinite period too. You are not effective here you are ineffective except where you are inept.

But you said infamous she commented Surely infamous is the opposite of famous.

You sure have a problem said the manager because infamous is not the opposite of famous It means you will be well known as a bad person.

She was very worried. Look, impossible is the opposite of possible, inept is the opposite of ept...

Apt he said

...So inflammable is the opposite of flammable she continued.

No he said Flammable means it will blow up and inflammable means it will also blow up and that is what you have done.

Adrian Worsfold