1) Make many lists of suitable words for going to the hairdressers:

First: Words around what a partner would say to his or her other half about going to the hairdressers.

Second: Words around making an appointment, going to the reception, waiting.

Third: Words around having your hair washed, treated in any way, and dried.

Fourth: Words around other people having their hair done differently.

Fifth: Words around leaving, going home and reactions from others.

In the storyboard of Nia at the hairdressers, we see that Gareth her husband is speaking with her first. What might he be saying? What might she be saying? Does the conversation prompt her to make an appointment to go to the hairdressers or perhaps some coming event accounts for this? We also see that at the end of the storyboard other women are talking in the hairdressers after Nia has left. Create a scenario whereby Gareth and Nia are known in the community and subject to local interest. Who might these other people be, that they take an interest in Nia having her hair done that day? Perhaps it is simply seeing Nia that sparks their interest, or is it something she says to the hair stylist, or something said between Nia and others under the hair dryers or those who have waited and are next in line.

2) Starting with Nia and Gareth talking, discuss in pairs a possible story that is taking place that involves others in the hairdressers.

3) Having discussed this, each person think about how you might vary that story (if only slightly), and write the story. You can change it as you go along. Include speech marks and relevant punctuation, and give attention to spelling. Guidance is available on this.

Adrian Worsfold

Some possible prompts (you do not have to follow the storyboard exactly):

Hair is untidy Something Gareth has done Wedding
Simple hairdo Lack of money Student lives
Local gossip Is it much different? Hair length/ colour

Nia at Hairdressers Nia at Hairdressers


Adrian Worsfold