Each of these sentences contains one or more errors. Change each one in order to improve its English. Answers are available.

1. He is the tallest of them both.
2. A cue of people stretched in front of The Deep which was getting longer.
3. Each of the ambassadors are to be introduced seperately.
4. In my view he never has, and never will be, a convincing actor.
5. Televisions, which are faulty, should not be sold to the public.
6. Book the suite for my husband and I.
7. She does not remember our first date as well as me.
8. I do not remember him having given me a box of chocolates.
9. She is the only one who you could ask tomorrow.
10. Furnished accomodation is required by older lady about to be divorced for one year.
11. Less arguments might have meant a longer marriage.
12. Although they were distressed they had only their selves to blame.
13. The power of her barristers arguements, which were very detailed, were not enough to win custody of her children.
14. She survived the exposure without hardly a dent in her reputation.
15. He did not deny that he was not guilty of harm.
16. They ordered an extra a hundred computers for the new term.
17. They finished there reading before leaving college.
18. The essay will take me sometime to read.
19. She asked her to carefully correct the errors before handing it in again.
20. There were less students entered into this year's exams.
21. She is one of the students who is taking the examination.
22. He writes his answers as well, if not better than, his lecturer.
23. Due to become the next Principle, he was dismaid not to have been invited.
24. Thanking you for your email of 22 March in which you sent your thoughts.
25. This is the email from the archive, which he wrote last year.
26. The three company's were involved in price fixing.
27. Examining it the next day, the paper made more sense of the matter.
28. Its the type of operation that this company needs in order to be competitative.
29. The Chair spoke to his board real slowly but demonstrated very abilities.
30. She is the woman who we expect to be the next Chair of the company.
31. We asked about them having disposed of valuable papers.
32. Cycling along the path, a policeman appeared in front of me suddenly.
33. These kind of difficulties are always returning.
34. He found the car very different to the claims made in the brochure.
35. Neither of the cars were fitted out in the way the salesperson had said.
36. There was fewer accidents and less casualties than had been expected.
37. If I was you I would not go to the casino.
38. Our win had not only increased beyond our expecatations but also our hopes.
39. Getting into the car, the driver was already pressing the accelerator pedal.
40. The driver did not gain nothing by racing between the red traffic lights.

See (for comparison)

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Adrian Worsfold