Some business growth personalities:

Hunter gatherer A person who seeks out new business
Farmer A person who nurtures customers and seeks better performance from existing business
Delivery man/ woman Person who concentrates on getting the product to the customer to retain business
Professor Someone who analyses the business scene strategically for future trends
Research student Person who focusses on product development
Teacher Someone in marketing who says why the product or service is relevant
Vicar Person who markets the product as perfection
Social worker Considers human aspects of the business operation
Dustman One who removes slack and bad busness practices
Artist Creative person in business who seeks new ways to generate success
General Commanding business leader
Soldier Person who fights for business against the competition
Politician Person who calculates the next business move
Journalist Company business analyst
Pirate Swashbuckling high growth person who cuts corners and does not take prisoners in the hunt for the treasure
Thief Business person of illegal practices
Thug Person who bullies the competition

There are always more!


After seeing some person analogies elsewhere: these are my own. Adrian Worsfold