Shapes of Trees in Britain

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Lime Beech Chestnut, Sweet Plane Poplar, Lombardy Chestnut, Horse Poplar, Black Poplar, Aspen Oak, Evergreen Oak, Common Sycamore Maple, Field Ash Mountain Ash Whitebeam Strawberry Tree Wild Service Tree Holly Acacia Alder Hornbeam Birch Cherry Crab-apple Pear Willow, White Willow, Weeping Walnut Willow, Goat Box Elm, Field Elm, Wych

There are thirty two common broad-leafed trees illustrated here. Some trees are dense in cover and some are not. Trees are always a fractal-like combination of symmetry and asymmetry. Try to guess each tree before the mouseover reveals its identity. Cut and paste the tree to choose and assist with drawing and painting.