Key Skills and Study Skills
for Sociology AS and A Levels
Page 7

So literacy, numeracy, study skills and ICT are a vital part of carrying the learning of Sociology. You will find that they are a vital support towards learning other subjects too.
We are on the road to literacy and efficient study, and from time to time the Sociology we do will be accompanied with special attention to literacy, numeracy, study skills and ICT.

To Summarise, we need a process of support for doing Sociology:
  • Need to learn and spell sociological technical terminology including authors' names.
  • Need to write in paragraphs conveying accurate intended meaning and introducing argument.
  • Need for a writing level that copes with this level of sociological content.
  • Need for numerical skill for understanding and presenting data.
  • Need for ICT for disciplined thinking, continuous editing and flexible working methods.
  • Need for study skills especially for efficient reading (across types of sources) and effective writing (both notes and prose).
  • These should develop well as we do the Sociology and attention will be paid from time to time specifically to these skills.

We can know all the Sociology in the world, but if we cannot present it we cannot succeed. We need to communicate and begin to learn the appropriate academic style. We aim high and achieve height.

Note: At different stages of learning it will be useful to return to this presentation on key and study skills. It will also be useful to take time looking at study skills in more detail according to need. Use learning and facilities offered by way of enhancing study skills. Good study and especially writing makes all the difference to the mark received.

Adrian Worsfold



Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful