Pugh, D. S., Hickson, D. J., Hinings, C. R. (eds.) (1971), Writers on Organizations, Second Edition, London: Penguin.

Referencing Webpages

There is usually some looking around for details. Use a text editor to take down the details, especially one with a pasteboard facility open at the same time as the web browser. Highlight the URL in the web browser and copy it. Highlight details such as date produced (if available), the author, title and publisher. The title is either on the page or secondly next to the browser name. View Source and check details there. Most important is to put when accessed.

  1. Author, Surname plus Initials
  2. Date of webpage formation
  3. Title of webpage
  4. URL (http://www...)
  5. Accessed Day, month, year and time

Between the title and the URL this connector is needed: [Online], Available World Wide Web, URL:

Try this:

Durbin, P. G.
Title in text: Alfred Adler's Contribution to Hypnotherapy
Viewed on December 31, 2003, 18:05
No date was found for the webpage production

How does this look properly referenced?