How to do a business letter

Begin with the letter heading and proceed with contents, all aligned to the left margin, as follows:

Heading (from My Celtic Letter Heading in MS Word)
Our ref two spaces and text
Your ref two spaces and text
Full date avoiding st, nd, th
URGENT/ CONFIDENTIAL/ ATTENTION OF *** with capitals, bold or underline
Address block and no punctuation
Salutation if the letter is directly addressed to the company, even if then for the attention of someone, put Dear Sir/ Madam and no punctuation
Title if lower case, underline
Body of letter: the only place where normal punctuation takes place
Complimentary close Dear Sirs=Yours faithfully, specific person=Yours sincerely
Leaving lines - no less than one, not more than four
Title/ Position
directly underneath
Copies/ CC/ Copy to/ Copies toName
In word processing, print the copies and mark which is to whom/ File in the copies
Some tips: a good way of remembering the order of the top of the letter is RDNAST - References, Date, Notice (eg "FOR THE ATTENTION OF"), Address and then the salutation. The title follows the salutation. As soon as the letter says something is enclosed, type in Enc below the text and keep it pushing down as more letter is typed - it is a way of remembering.