The Parish Church of St. Mary,

Job description: Adrian Worsfold.

For the duration of this placement, or until entering employment elsewhere, and in collaboration/consultation with team members, including the clergy, churchwardens and parish webmaster*, Dr. Worsfold will undertake the following tasks and roles:
1. The processing of existing parish documents (in either electronic or paper form) to make them accessible as downloads (using, for example, Portable Document Format) and/or as .rtf/MS Word files.
2. The evaluation of archive material held by St. Mary's church with a view to its being catalogued.
3. The cataloguing af the above material subject to its being found suitable.
4. The processing of such archive material as may be considered suitable into electronic format.
5. The evaluation and possible creation/ implementation of an ‘internal area' on the parish website.
6. The evaluation and possible creation/implementation of a public download site for documents and/or archive material.
7. The use of such software/ hardware as may be necessary to perform the above tasks.
8. A feasibility study on the further development of St. Mary's as an e-parish, including the possible exploration of implementing Web 2.0 features.
9. An evaluation of the provision of adult theological education provision within the area (church/town/hinterland) and the level of demand (this may require liason with the WEA and like bodies).
10. Consequent on the above, the designing of a possible syllabus/outline for theological education based on adult education principles.
  • is expected that he will divide his time between Church premises (including the Vicarage) and his own study, where he has particular computing resources available.

  • Supervision will be offered as appropriate by those in the first paragraph.

  • Data protection laws and best practice will be taken into consideration whenever material of a personal nature is encountered.

*who is male. Had he been a she, the term would have been 'webmistress'


Revd. David Rowett (author), Adrian Worsfold (webpage)