What I can Do

Elena Worsfold

I have a strong knowledge base across a wide range of subjects from my own education and subsequent teaching experience. I can offer Mathematics (confidently to A level) and Further Mathematics, ICT and Science (particularly Physics, which was a research area). I can offer the modern foreign language of Russian, being a native speaker.

My current duties as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Hull College include teaching GCSE Mathematics, A level Pure Maths (workshop) and Key Skills Application of Numbers (Levels 1 and 2).

Over a period of twelve years I was a schoolteacher in Russia and a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education. This includes four years in Voronezh Pedagogical University as Lecturer in High and Computational Mathematics, Windows OS and Microsoft Office, Programming relating to computer languages, Pedagogical Issues of Computer Aided Education, and Computer Psychodiagnostics. I was also a supervisor of theses for HE diplomas.

I worked for eight years as a Scientific Researcher in Mathematical and Computer Simulation of Semiconductor Devices, including tuition of years 3-5 students research work for HE and MSc diplomas.

The pedagogical qualification of Assistant Professor/ Senior Lecturer meant I was fully qualified to teach in universities, colleges and schools in Russia. I am willing to undertake the necessary training to became a qualified teacher in the UK. Within two years starting from a basic knowledge of English I achieved grade A in English GCSE.

My communication skills come from teaching Mathematics and ICT to children and students, often at a basic level. I have empathy with young people and expect high but realistic standards of work. My research background trained me to be methodical and keep accurate records. In teaching I can work both with a minimum of supervision and in teams.

I am flexible regarding work and have a broad range of interests: history, psychology, astronomy, photography and travelling. Also I play badminton and enjoy skiing and skating.

I seek an establishment with high academic targets relevant my previous experience and background.