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[Any non-job reference]


Dear Sir/ Madam/ named person

Application: [job reference and title]


Please send an application form and further details about the above post as advertised in [publication or website] preferably by email to so that I may examine the details and can apply online. Please do not send by return-reply email.

I enclose/ attach my CV/ completed application form in application for the above post as advertised in [publication or website].

The basis of my application is [headline experience] and this information is given as required in the application form./ this involved [content].

Referees are: [one previous employer] and [two]. [Don't include this if already on application form]

All the information is given in the application form but I should add that m/ My website contains complete details about my work history, skills and experience in general. Go to and click on CV (top menu) for options.

I look forward to hearing from you.
I look forward to your reply.


Yours faithfully [unnamed]

Yours sincerely [named]


Adrian Worsfold


enc./ attached



Adrian Worsfold