Name Worsfold, Adrian John
Address 32, Chamberlain Close
Postcode HU7 4UD
Telephone [preferred]
01482 374280
National Insurance Number WE 20 67 01 C
DfES Number 9145808
Ethnic, status, birth date UK white; separated; 20/ 04/ 1959

A well-educated analytical person with well developed communication, ICT and educating skills, seeking a challenging opportunity in an educational, research, training or administrative environment, or in some combination of these.

Education: Teaching (with PGCE Secondary), lecturing, tutoring, study skills support.
Research: Own, departmental and guidance (Sociology, Theology; Business, Tourism).
Mobility: Full clean car & motorcycle licence.
ICT: HTML writing, PDF production, word and text processing, music and audio editing, commercial, DTP
Office: Data input, reports, minutes, agenda, decisions.
Art: Acrylic, watercolour and gouache painting; photography; novel writing.
Plus: Presenting liberal religion, pastoral, team work, intellectual ideas, music for meaning, publicity.

Home Based Years
I shielded during the enforced Covid-19 lockdown. I occupied myself with serious level painting using coloured drawing and acrylics, liaising with different models. As well as examining novels I read material on the connection between theology and the arts. 2020-2021
For about four years I have been practising the techniques of creating a novel, which has been a serious endeavour. This involves skills of organising a narrative, checking and not contradicting detail, maintaining a database of characters and locations, etc., organising ideas, and keeping a very high standard of literacy. 2016 on
Place and given contribution Dates
Hull Unitarian Church, Park Street, HULL HU2 8TA: 2014-2017 Hull Unitarian Magazine writer and compiler of A5 magazine with multiple software .PDF construction. 04/2009 2017 Initial Project management of installation a music system; burns CDs of multi-sourced hymns and music; delivery of music (continues 2017 ad hoc). Hull Unitarian Church HU2 8TA. Hull Unitarian Church HU2 8TA. Pastor Dr. Ralph Catts, 01482 224662, 07468538821 12/2014 - and
Easter 2009 - 2017
St. Mary's Church [Anglican], Barton-upon-Humber, DN18 5EZ: A 27 hours a week for 17 weeks Project producing some 250 archive webpages on to the church website (with a focus on 1972-1973); a syllabus and eight Theology Course sessions (continued until late 2010); and an academic-style rewriting of a 1971 dissertation on clergy training. These activities systematised my ICT skills, enhanced the church's self-understanding of change and locality; revived my academic presentation skills; and sharpened teaching skills of planning, preparation and delivery through spreading theological knowledge using adult education principles. Rev. David Rowett, 01652 632202 09/06/2008 - 05/10/2008 and 2010

Dates Address Job Why left Pay Contact
08/2011 - 09/2012 University of Lincoln Brayford Pool LINCOLN LN6 7TS Service Users Participation Advisory (SUPA) Group member Ongoing £10/ hour Helen Laws SUPA Group Organiser
01482 311654 or 01522 882000 (ask for)
Periodic meetings to assist social worker student practice and academic writing; commented on surveying; marked tutor assessments of student portfolio evaluations; produced a board game and poster ideas.
Wyke Sixth Form College Grammar School Road Hull HU4 5NX Teacher of Sociology: AS & A2 & GCSE with assessment and evaluation, full use of ICT, interviewing students & parents, record keeping Contract end MPS Dr Richard Smith [Former] Principal
01482 346347
Please send to College for this main employment reference. The new Principal is Mr Jay Trivedy.
Delivering lessons to sixth form students required an immense amount of planning and prioritising workloads; I was working in a high pressure environment to meet timetable requirements. This also included assessing students' work and providing constructive feedback so that students were able to develop and progress. My role also demanded effective and timely communications with colleagues and parents so that the college could function effectively. I used ICT constantly; resources I created were delivered via the Internet through Interactive Whiteboards.
Teaching Personnel 13 Marina Court Castle Street Hull HU1 1TJ Supply Teacher Secondary schools For new teaching post £100/ day Please contact office staff
I offered Instant flexibility in secondary schools by providing ICT resourced teaching cover across a wide range of subjects to highly diverse sets of students. I gained the ability to be flexible and quickly responded to the challenges of the moment.
Smith and Walker Optometrists 16 High Street Barton-on-Humber DN18 5PD Website Designer: Updating Providing ICT Training New teaching post; staff member took over site £20/ hour Dr Ralph Worfolk Optometrist Liaison
01652 632315
Hull College Queens Gardens Hull HU1 3DG Lecturer Keyskills Communications Levels 1, 2 and 3 Reorganisation £15.00 approx. Debbie Meakin Head of School of Science, Maths and Communications
I delivered Key Skills Communications in Literacy to Further Education students within an ICT arrangement that could be accessed online by students at any time in order to maximise student learning opportunities. I liaised with colleagues and worked with students to raise standards in literacy that enabled students to learn their subjects more effectively.
SGS Redwood Services Middleplatt Road Immingham DN40 1AH IT Trainer in Windows OS MS Word, MS Excel, Internet, Postscript/ PDF files Completed staff rotation £18 Alex Smith (was) Immingham Area Manager Employer
I was commission by a local branch of an international company to provide solutions to their data storage needs. I designed and delivered a teaching package to employees which meant that they could more efficiently use and understand how to connect IT packages to meet the changing needs of the business.
Grimsby College Nuns Corner Grimsby DN34 5BQ HE Research Assistant: Log in Use of MS Office Essays' narrative structure Subjects assistance No further external funding £7.77 Ray Mason Lecturer Line Manager Grimsby Institute of H and FE (name change) 01472 311222 (main)
I provided a flexible customer-focused drop in service for students. I found this work particularly rewarding as I was responding to students needs across a whole range of ICT, journals and study skills requirements. The ability to work flexibly and access a range of resources (many which I personally developed myself) added value to students' learning experience.
Smith and Walker Optometrists 16 High Street Barton-on-Humber DN18 5PD Website Designer: Using given texts Website done Agreed Dr Ralph Worfolk Optometrist Liaison
01652 632315
I produced a brand new attractive and informative website for the public and taught staff how it was done for their understanding and maintenance.
YMCA Bonskeid House Pitlochry PH16 5NP

Website Designer: Staff training: Home & 3 paid visits

Bonskeid House closed Agreed Ms Hilary Brown Director
I originated an informative website for both tourist accommodation and young people's outdoor educational activities and trained staff for computer use to maximise the potential of the centre.
Global Tourism Solutions (UK) 25 Manchester Square New Holland DN19 7RQ Data Processor Supply side statistics Excel 2000 3 month contract £6 David James Business Director
01723 506310
Working in a co-ordinated team prioritising activities I accurately entered clear and accessible spreadsheet data showing occupancy rates and use of attractions that then went on to provide local authorities and other client bodies with clear summary reports of resort use.
Thomas Research Services 4 - 7 Tattershall Castle Court New Holland DN19 7PZ Website Designer Job done Agreed George Thomas Business owner
I advised on and produced an explanatory website displaying a comprehensive online display of the business so that customers understood the range of their specialised operations.
Education Library Diana Princess of Wales Hospital Grimsby DN33 2BA
Library Scunthorpe General Hospital DN15 7BH
Classifier/ Cataloguer: Dewey changed to NLM Database entries Contract length £6 Jo Thomas Chief Librarian Education Library 01472 874111 (main)
I successfully carried through a joint education libraries' reclassifying project through summary reading in order to enhance the research of all medical staff via the new databases I also produced.
Grimsby College Nuns Corner Grimsby DN34 5BQ Lecturer in Research Methods: to BA Business Studies and BA Tourism students To end of their course £14 Bruce Forster Grimsby Institute of H and FE (name change) Lecturer 01472 311222 (main)
Via extensive interviewing, commentary, marking special essays and summary lectures, degree students (Tourism and Business) had their research project strategies improved.
North Lincolnshire Adult Education Service Providence House Barton-upon-Humber DN18 5PR Lecturer in RSA 1 CLAIT and RSA 2 DTP to adult students Academic year £16 Via secretary Eve Wilkinson, Providence House 01652 634081
Teaching Computer Literacy and Desk top Publishing I took adult students from basic abilities towards computer fluency and they successfully passed skills based exams.
University of Hull Cottingham Road Hull HU6 7RX Tutor: Sociology short course Psychology students To exams £22 Dr Peter Forster Lecturer Employer
This was a short Sociology course to Psychology students where I built in much discussion to develop general abstract learning and therefore critical thinking skills before their subject specialisation.
North Nottinhamshire College Carlton Road Worksop S81 7HP Lecturer: BTEC National Business RSA 1 Text Processing Academic year £14 & £12 Contact the college
Disabled and prison confined students improved their literacy and confidence through being taught text processing by me and I taught word processing to commercial course students.
Town Docks Museum Victoria Square Hull HU1 3DX Documentation Assistant: Shipbuilding plans Fixed contract £6 Arthur Credland Keeper of Maritime History Hull Maritime Museum (name change)
I created a system for a very high output rate of completed and archived shipbuilding plans that meant that for the first time the museum could easily access named ship construction details.

Place and given contribution Dates
Hull Unitarian Church HU2 8TA: Preaching (twice Publicity Officer), Librarian, Director of Music (2009-), Magazine Writer and Compiler (2014-) 1987 - 1989 &
1994 - 2002, 2009 onwards
St. Mary's Church [Anglican], Barton-upon-Humber: Written and conducted worship, Bishop's Course attender, Website Archivist, PCC member 2007-8, Theology Group Leader - Rev. David Rowett, 01652 632202 2006 -
Wilderspin National School [Museum], Queen Street, Barton-upon-Humber, DN18 5QP: Production of a booklet on the history and purpose of examinations. Ian Wolseley, Development Officer, 01652 635172 18/09/2009 - 02/2010
University of Hull Invited Lecturer (Sociology) MA TUCS (Theology) Course - Paul Deary 16/12/1996 -
North Lincs. Social Services Independent Inspection Unit: Lay Assessor: Residential homes observation, conversation and report writing) 1995 - 1998
Sea of Faith Network Steering Committee Secretary 1991 - 1994
University of Hull (including towards publication): Deputy on Steering Committee: Longhill Survey of Church and People using random survey techniques - led by Dr Peter Forster 1986 - 1994

Hull Adult Education:European Computer Diving Licence including Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Productivity: Reference from Tutor Ms Gillian Dennis Hull City Council Adult Education, Freedom Centre, Preston Road, Hull and Assistant Ms. Penny Wilde of the same address Passed 2014
University of Hull: PGCE (Secondary) Religious Education and [temporary] QTS: 11 to 18 year olds, with Health and Social Care AVCE, and Sociology AS Level to Year 12. Reference from Head of the Centre for Educational Studies Dr David Waugh Centre for Educational Studies Institute for Learning University of Hull HULL HU6 7RX 01482 465406. Note that this is the official contact for references and that this referee did not know me. The RE Course Tutor and later Head of Centre was Dr Julian Stern of the same address 01482 466134. Teaching practice reference can be found from Head of RE Department Mrs Yvonne Johnson Wolfreton School Southella Way Kirkella Hull HU10 7LU 01482 659356 2002 - 2003
N Lincs Adult Education Service: RSA III Word Processing (Distinction) 2001 - 2002
North Lindsey College: RSA III Text Processing (Distinction) 2000 - 2001
North Lindsey College City and Guilds 730 Adult and FE Teaching Certificate Part 1 2000 - 2001
University of Hull: MA Theological Understanding of Contemporary Society MA dissertation (20000 words) Plurality in Proximity: The Gospel of Unitarian Universalism for Contemporary Culture. Linking UUism with postmodernity. 1996 - 1998
NHS: Induction & Lifting and Handling courses 1999
N Lincs Adult Education Service RSA II Text Processing (Distinction) 1996 - 1997
N Lincs Adult Education Service: RSA II Word Processing (Distinction) 1996 - 1997
N Lincs Adult Education Service: Desk top Publishing course (20 weeks) 1996
KCL Training Ltd Hessle: City and Guilds 726 (NVQ level II) IT with Castle Hill Hospital Hull: two IT work placements 12/1994 -
Sheffield City Polytechnic (Sheffield Hallam University): PGCE Economics and Business Studies course. Courses and the college practice, but not the school practice, were passed, with A level General Studies, BTEC National and GCSE Business Studies, IT and special needs IT, GCSE Sociology, A level Economics, Y10 RE and Y9 PSE. Academic education was compared with vocational training. Well-praised team video on gender issues. Health Education. 1991 - 1992
Unitarian College Manchester: Pastoral and preaching course with University of Manchester: Adult Learning and Methods of Teaching course 1989 - 1990
University of Hull: Ph.D Sociology and Social Anthropology Ph.D thesis (98000 words): New Denominationalism: Tendencies Towards a New Reformation of English Christianity. Two churches participant observation; theological study; semi-structured interviews with ministers. Replaced standard church/ denominational sect continuum by conversionism to radicalism, adaptable to other bodies. 1982 - 1989
Hull City Council: RSA 1 CLAIT (Distinction) 1987
University of Hull: BA (Hon.) Economics, Politics, Sociology: 2.1 1978 - 1981
Malet Lambert High School, Hull:
A levels Economics (A) Geography (A)
O levels General (A), Geography (B) and English Language (C)
CSEs Maths (1), Physics (1) and History (1)
1972 - 1977

1977, 1975

Book: 'Church Evangelism and its Young People' in Forster, P. G. ed. (1995), Contemporary Mainstream Religion: Studies from Humberside and Lincolnshire, Aldershot: Avebury, 34-45.

Novel: 2013 on: Writing a novel of exaggerated and mundane hybridity about religious institutions that is now over 200,000 words and subject to several edits.

Columnist: (2008-2010, 2012)
Episcopal Café website: monthly 'Daily Episcopalian' articles supplied on matters of The Episcopalian Church, Anglicanism and broader religious interest (one of a group of writers for every day)

Pluralist Speaks news-based and issue-developing contemporary religious writing and space for announcing Pluralist website updates

Articles written for National Unitarian Fellowship publications, The Unitarian and The Inquirer.

Academic publication: Faith and Freedom: a Journal of Progressive Religion, Oxford: Manchester College: The Task of theTheologian as we Enter the 21st Century' in vol. 53, pt. 2, no. 151, 154-168. 'Ecclesiastical and Extra Ecclesiastical Anti-Realism' in Vol. 47, Pt. l, No. 138, Spring/ Summer 1994. 'A Personal View of Sea of Faith III. The Evolution of Identity' in Vol. 43, Pt. 3, No. 129, Autumn 1990. 'Dons and Ducklings in Liberal and Radical Religion' in Vol. 43, Pt. 1 and 2, Nos. 127 and 128, Spring/ Summer 1990, 51-54. Book review of Cupitt, D., Radicals and the Future of the Church, SCM Press, 1989, in Vol. 42, Pt. 3, no. 126, Autumn 1989, 158-I61. 'Westerners in the Religious Outback' in Vol. 42, Pt. 3, No. I26, Autumn 1989, 137-138 & 143-144. Book review of Gill, R, Beyond Decline, SCM Press, 1988, in Vol. 42, Pt. 1, No. 124, Spring 1989, 46-48. 'Peace, Liberalism and Otherwise in the Babi-Bahai Faiths' in Vol. 42, Pt. l, No. 124, Spring I989, 40-44. 'The Radical Christians' Sea of Faith Conference' in Vol. 41, Pt. 3, No. 123, Autumn 1988, 156-158. 'The Nature of the Mainstream Church' in Vol. 40, Pt. 3, No. 120, Autumn 1987, 158-160.

Magazine: 'A Cut Above The Rest' in PCW Plus, 115, April 1996, Bath: Future Publishing.