Jackie Cromwell and Janice Barbour are a lesbian couple staying in Oak D.

JACKIE CROMWELL is the sister of DOROTHY CHALMERS, the murdered KATIE CROMWELL and CATHERINE STEWART. Jackie and Katie were the wild two sisters whereas Dorothy and Catherine were conventional. Jackie has been in a lesbian relationship for three years with JANICE BARBER but has only come out some months ago. Thus they are staying together in one room. Thus MIKE CHALMERS finally realised why there was never any chance between him and Jackie. Still, they remain friendly. Jackie and Janice have been spending long mornings together in their room and were woken by the police about the murder of her sister, and Jackie spoke of her sister's unconventional nature in terms of not being at all fussed about having two lovers.

The police find JANICE BARBER a most difficult individual to interview. She is also very much the feminist in political and relationship ways. For her, lesbianism is about identity. Whereas Jackie seemed to be a lesbian by emerging discovery, everyone who knew Jancie said (and the police picked this up) that she just seemed to acquire the conviction and conversion one day, in that she had dated men when a teenager until her early twenties (some ten years ago). When she heard of Katie's affair with MARTIN STEWART, as well as having a boyfriend, she laughed. She refused to tell the police whether or not she had told Catherine Stewart of Katie's affair with her boyfriend, in fact she refused to tell the police a great deal. She did once have a crush on Samantha, the police discover, and had described Steve Jantzen as an obnoxious idiot, disliked for his fundamentalism, and she didn't care for Samantha any more either having seen her marry Steve. Asked about Steve Jantzen she tells the police that he is the worst individual she has ever known, and it turns out he has said she will go to hell. Thus she rather agreed with HILARY MCINTYRE's dislike for Samantha, and wished Hilary would sort herself out and stop being the weeping spinster.

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