Dear Steve

We can't speak on this one so another message is here. I have done what I thought was necessary. Early morning, before that bloke goes running. You would not leave your wife Samantha, so I can only show you how much I want you by getting her out of the way. She was neglecting you. There was a gun near the entrance so I used it and shot her, but I hate that bitch Hilary like you do, the way she treats us, so I took one of the knives Hilary had been using from the kitchen and wrapping a cloth around it again cut her. I left that knife (not the cloth) but I hid the gun. I can't do it as well as you. Now there is only me. Someone discovered the body, I hope they get Hilary.



Dear Tessa

We'd better say nothing to one another. You stupid idiot Tessa. The reason she was neglecting me was Katie Cromwell that student cleaner turned her head, fancying her back. I finished her off late in the night and dragged her body to where those two went and did whatever they do. Of course they discovered yours first. I put the gun in a place to make it look like where John Pratt comes in. We must have done these murders so close but Katie Cromwell will be harder to find. I thought Samantha would have found her. You didn't need to kill her. I would have demonstrated my love for you. Say nothing.