Make a guess or solve the murder in the Lounge or in the Library (suspects list)

Exhibits and photographs kept in the lounge to further the investigation

The murdered Samantha Jantzen

Samantha Jantzen, a bullet in the head and awkward double slash with a knife

The murdered Katie Cromwell

The Murdered Katie Cromwell, also a bullet to the head and double slash but more positioned across the neck.

For more details and clues, see the suspects in their rooms.

The knife

The knife that matches Samantha Jantzen's blood and may have been used before or after the shot

The knife

The knife that may have killed Katie Cromwell as recovered

Matching gun

This gun matches the bullets in the heads of both victims

With all the suspects gathered you can now tell them who you think carried out the murders and ask the police to arrest the guilty party/ies.

Solved it?
If you are sure you know the murderer/s of Samantha Jantzen and Katie Cromwell, or if you are going to come back later, still email and I shall get back to you either to tell you if you are correct and offer the solution why or indicate whether you are hot or cold with perhaps a little help. This murder mystery may take several visits!