STEVE JANTZEN AND SAMANTHA JANTZEN (married) were staying in Heath.

STEVE JANTZEN is outwardly a fundamentalist sabbatarian, with a vocal moral code in public. He seems to express many prejudicial opinions against gay men. He is a kitchen worker at Bonskeid married to the murdered SAMANTHA JANTZEN for nearly 3 years. He was once a butcher until the business failed and is an expert with knives. He liked to show TESSA KING how he could use a knife to swiftly cut through meat, and occasionally showed this to her, and she made overtures to him he could not resist and indeed she gave him passion that SAMANTHA never managed. Despite this he maintained his angry moralistic public utterances. He believed he was the head of the household and opened SAMANTHA's mail.

The murdered SAMANTHA JANTZEN was in the same church where she met STEVE. She was sort of attracted to his standing in the church community, and felt some duty to court him when he asked. She was far from aggressive, and she tried to follow the moral code he lay down. She had a low opinion of TESSA KING however, a trainee who seemed to regard herself as her equal, or should be, and who seemed to be with STEVE rather more than him at times. Then she realised something was missing in her life when KATIE CROMWELL came in to clean to supplement her student loan. KATIE a free spirit told of her affair with the doctor PETER CHALMERS and how she was now publically with BOB CARTER so that he and the minister STEVE JONES could be together. So SAMANTHA thought if STEVE JONES a minister can do it, so can she, and did when KATIE made the final move.

See the Servery for details of her murder. For more details and clues, see the other suspects in their rooms.