KATIE CROMWELL was staying in Fir with BOB CARTER, her public partner

KATIE CROMWELL's sisters were DOROTHY CHALMERS, JACKIE CROMWELL and CATHERINE STEWART. She had a secret affair with PETER CHALMERS, DOROTHY's husband. The danger was attractive, but it was too dangerous. In college she also had a crush on a female student, but nothing happened. She had started to investigate the college lesbian scene at term's end. This time her crush on SAMANTHA JANTZEN found a first seemingly reserved, then curious, then willing partner. To help both SAMANTHA and gay men BOB CARTER and STEVE JONES (a Presbyterian minister in the college gay scene) she accepted a public partnership with BOB CARTER and booked the room together. Her part was as staff, and he paid half. Her sisters knew she was unconventional but hardly believed rumours that she might be gay. KAREN SMITH however knew that BOB CARTER definitely was gay and suspected that KATIE was possibly bisexual.