These creatures have been seen
at Bonskeid House

Creature Lives Eats
Northern Mole Lives underground and able to move forwards and backwards through tunnels Earthworms
Red Squirrel Only native tree squirrel in Europe Seeds, nuts, young tree shoots
Roe Deer Prefers open woodland Leaves, shrubs, grasses, nuts, fungi
Bank Vole Deciduous woodland and hedges Vegetation and insects
Otter By lakes and rivers Fish, eels, invertebrates, water birds, small mammals
Wild Cat Dense woodland and rocky hills Small mammals, small deer, lambs, birds, fish some insects
European Mink Marsh lands, lakes, rivers Water voles, rodents, birds, frogs, fish
Salmon After one to four years at sea returns to its birth river to spawn Fishes and crustaceans
Buzzard Woods, fields and plains
Red Fox Woodland or urban areas Small mammals, squirrels and rabbits
Rabbit Grassland, scrub, open woodland Grass, cereals, roots, young trees
Weasel All places including urban areas Mice, voles, rodents, birds, eggs
Badger Within burrow systems in woods and copses Earthworms, small mammals, carrion, fruit, nuts, bulbs
Capercailie Fir trees on hills
Red Deer Dense deciduous forest, moorland, some open woodland Browsing animals, young shoots, deciduous leaves, nuts, fruits, shrub leaves
Mountain Hare (seen just outside Bonskeid) Mountainous areas above treeline in grassland and moor Grasses and shrubs like heather