Astrological Birth Data
Adrian Worsfold

Born 6:30 am
57 Ebor Avenue
Hornsea, England

Sun position is 29 deg. 26 min. of Aries
Moon position is 18 deg. 41 min. of Virgo
Mercury position is 03 deg. 21 min. of Aries
Venus position is 06 deg. 22 min. of Gemini
Mars Position is 05 deg. 35 min. of Cancer
Jupiter position is 00 deg. 24 min. of Sagittarius
Saturn position is 07 deg. 03 min. of Capricorn
Uranus position is 12 deg. 13 min. of Leo
Neptune position is 05 deg. 45 min. of Scorpio
Pluto position is 01 deg. 48 min. of Virgo
Astrological chart for Adrian Worsfold

Prepared by Elena Kursheva.

A horoscope is not a predictive device, but a reflective chart. It cannot tell what will happen in the future, but it can say what is difficult or very difficult to avoid - it shows that life characteristics are weighted in certain directions.

Chart of Adrian Worsfold

The sun is in a difficult position. Its house is usually not considered a good position. Adrian has good abilities but cannot open these to the world. Self-expression is very hard. Sometimes this is just a secret and would suit working in secret intelligence or like prison or hospital.

The position in the sign of Aries is very good for internal self-expression and power of spirit. Adrian knows all he may but this is outside society; he is much larger than his work. For example he does not reach his potential as a teacher (supported by Jupiter).

There are strong signs in Mars and the Moon (money field) regarding earning from the spiritual and education, even teaching his religion. This also connects with children. He does not earn a lot. Perhaps he may be lucky.

In the field of identity (Gemini), his perspective, friends are important in life. This shows difficulty of expression as well - bad relationships.

Gemini and Aquarius show he is tall.

Mars is in a bad position meaning he is hopeless practically (working by hand). Mercury and Jupiter are very good and shows he works by brain (internally but not good within society).

The horoscope says Adrian has a problem with his father. Also Uranus (field of own house - stability and instability) says he does not own his own house.

Sagittarius suggests an educated partner and one who lives far from him. The partner has, perhaps, a job like him.

Another of these...

Adrian 20.04.1959
Monday 6:30 Hornsea

The Planets in the Signs

The planets' positions in the signs of the Zodiac have an influence on the individual's character forming a large part of the individual's psyche.

Sun In Aries

For men, there is a virility complex element; for women, feminist aspirations. The sun in this sign gives the individual qualities of energy, initiative-taking, boldness, direction, ambition and ardor, also, an active temperament.

Weaknesses are impulsiveness, over-spending, aggressiveness and turbulence.

Moon in Virgo

Retentive memory, scientific studies in medicine or dietetics. Reserved, calm. Subordinate occupations. Willingness to help, humility, modesty.

Mercury in Aries

Enjoys arguing, disputes, and discussions, quick and easy repartee, exaggeration. Lively mind which quickly understands a situation. Resourcefulness.

Weaknesses: Vivacity, impulsiveness, lack of foresight. Too much haste and impatience.

Venus in Gemini

Pleasant and rhythmic speech. Poetry, refined and artistic mentality. Duality in emotional affairs, flirtatious. Countless, varied and living emotions, or dominates the love of the game and a taste for flirting.

Weaknesses: Fickleness, lightness; the subject likes to tease and play on the affections of others. Unstable and ephemeral loves. Caustic mind.

Emotional discipline and cleverness.

Weaknesses: servile nature, changes of occupations, worries, great shyness.

Mars in Cancer

Work for the family and the home. Aggressiveness is held back or simply passive. Authority in the home.

Weaknesses: Domestic quarrels, house moves.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

A natural ability to irradiate a warm personality, given generously, if not to affirm an authority which can be paternal, bossy, only authoritarian.

Weakness: immoderate taste for sport and games.

Saturn in Capricorn

Honesty, integrity, method and perseverance. Honorable position attained by persistent work.

Weaknesses: Sadness, pessimism, discouragement.

Uranus in Leo

Determined and rebellious mind; desire for emancipation, disdain for conventions.

Neptune in Scorpio

Secret research, inspiration.

Pluto in Virgo

2. The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in XII

Success in isolated work in relation to prisons, hospitals, or laboratories. Obstacles can be redressed before success.

Moon in V

Inclines the woman towards progeny, love for her children counts in her life. Diversity in pleasures and distractions. Possibility of easy, changing and numerous amorous relations.

Mercury in XI

Inclination to feel friendship as a camaraderie, a dialogue of minds, a game or and interested exchange of views. Friendship circle often varied, young, mobile; frequently friends pass by but do not stop.

Venus in XII

An emotional test, or secret liaison, hidden love affairs.

Mars in II

Laborious material existence, achieved only by a lot of effort. Tendency to spend.

Jupiter in VI

The chances of success are concentrated in the work sphere, in relations with subordinates.

Saturn in VIII

Late inheritance. Possibility of long life and natural death.

Uranus in IV

Independence vis a vis the family circle, often suffered as a constraint. Unstable home; moves.

Neptune in VI

Assertion of power, if not revolt and crisis in work.

Pluto in V

3. Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on his destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

Sun - Jupiter

Positive aspect. Optimism, confidence, kindness. Respect for order and authority, tolerance. Honorable situation, protection of well-placed people. Advantage through foreigners and big business

Sun - Pluto

Positive aspect

Moon - Mars

Positive aspect. Vigor and activity, ambition and courage. Good capacity for work. Precocious relations. Changes of opinion conducive to realizations.

Moon - Jupiter

Positive aspect. Optimism, generosity, loyalty. Public esteem. Rich entourage, luck through the family, comfort in the home. Good relations between femininity and extroversions faculties; generous femininity, good maternal ambience, well-satisfied ordeal; qualities of mistress of the house, culinary abilities, gastronomy; it is a factor of chance, of emotional and material success.

Mercury - Venus

Positive aspect. Cheerful, sociable and affable character, loving music and poetry; easily persuaded. Pleasure trips. Pleasant meetings. Loving correspondence. Favours of young people. Study of art, intellectual pleasures. Good relationships with the neighbourhood. Creative aspect between the intellectual and sensual values; sensualist, aesthetic or artistic intelligence; factor of equilibrium and harmony in relations with others.

Mercury - Mars

Association of the values of communication and of action; aggressive, caustic, combative, critical, argumentative and scathing nature; but also practical, concrete, quick, constructive and trenchant; attracted towards speed and the race.

Negative aspect: the subject acts without reflecting, in an impulsive, agitated or turbulent way. Clever, lively and alert mind, quick-tempered and excitable. Tendency to exaggeration, dangerous actions, to differences of language. Dangerous haste.

Mercury - Jupiter

Positive aspect. Broad-minded and optimistic, possessing good judgement. Success in legal affairs and in literature. Honesty, sincerity and kindness. Beneficial influence; success in business and travel. Prolific correspondence.

Mercury - Saturn

Negative aspect: mind capable of criticism and analysis, but full of malice. Pessimistic, suspicious and melancholic. Problems over lateness and opposition. Some hindrances and worries in travel.

Mercury - Ascendant

Positive aspect. Intelligence, good nervous system. Activity, alert, lively and quick disposition. Taste for travel, for literature and commerce.

Mercury - Midheaven

Positive aspect. Social success through using the mind, travel or temporary work.

Venus - Mars

Positive aspect. Amorous, demonstrative and adventurous temperament, loving pleasures and healthy sensations. Moral energy, prodigality and broad-minded. Strong temperament. Intense love of life.

Venus - Saturn

Positive aspect. Sincere and deep emotions. Faithfulness, morality, truth, justice and method. Simple tastes. Honor and esteem. The subject is full of advice and is accomplished in missions of integrity. Taste for old art.

Venus - Pluto

Negative aspect: Instability and unfaithfulness, duplicity and deception in love, sensuality. The subject is easily influenced and led. Complicated emotional relationships.

Venus - Ascendant

Positive aspect. Amiability and morality. Good health and harmony. Loving disposition. Beauty and attraction.

Venus - Midheaven

Positive aspect. Success through love and relationships. Pleasant and easy work, art. Success through marriage. Lucrative position

Mars - Saturn

Negative aspect: hard-hearted, egoistic, vindictive and blunt character. Tiresome activities.

Mars - Neptune

Positive aspect. Elevated nature making an effort to execute ideals. Strange empathy. Attracted to travel by water and work in connection with the sea, liquids. Attracted by sensational things.

Mars - Pluto

Positive aspect.

Jupiter - Pluto

Negative aspect: uncontrolled emotions, financial fraud in relation to important companies. Difficulties in paying back debts.

Jupiter - Midheaven

Positive aspect. Success through relations. Good rewards. Honorable and lucrative employment.

Saturn - Neptune

Positive aspect. Profound investigations, penetration of judgement. Practical ideal. Constructive imagination. Aptitude for bringing order to chaos. Good relation between introversion values and the values of faith and the infinite; that tends to give a solid faith, a community ideology which lives on until old age; the ideology relies on science or makes a good partner of it.

Uranus - Ascendant

Positive aspect.

Neptune - Pluto

Positive aspect.


My View - Adrian

The planets' positions in the signs of the Zodiac have an influence on the individual's character forming a large part of the individual's psyche.

For me, alchemy became chemistry and astrology became astronomy. There is no causal relationship in any of this astrology. The midwife has more gravitational influence at birth (and what is so important about passing through the birth canal?) than any of these planets and stars, and even if they did how does that affect behaviour or characteristics? Not at all. The above is a mixture of not-me and me in generalities. I don't object to astrology as a means of reading text and self-reflection, just in the way that Christianity is also a cultural phenomenon which facilitates self-reflection. There is no such thing as good astrology as opposed to rubbishy astrology in terms of outcome, although there may be a more carefully applied method. I'm not sure there is any distinction here between future prediction, which is rejected, and tendencies towards one personality rather than another. Again, there is a parallel in Christianity in that it there is adjustment there regarding the loss of the miraculous; but it doesn't matter how good the writing or research may be, it does not turn the faith-doctrines into historical truths. However, Christian writings do include at the margins those that deconstruct the faith into cultural forms of reflection, where faith is an agent of change, but the nearest astrology comes to this is where people say it is "a bit of fun" and perhaps do a bit of good in the day. No astrologer will accept this is all it is! I accept though that no doubt for some who take it seriously it is a stronger form of self-reflection on one's own qualities and weaknesses, if with a misdiagnosed analysis of cause and effect.