The British authorities require that a foreign national, with a British sponsor, who is coming to the UK on a visa receives a "letter of invitation" from that sponsor. In the case of a fiancée visa it comes from the British fiancée! So this is the letter, addressed to my fiancée, which the Embassy reads.


Dear Elena

I wish to invite you to come to live with me and be my wife.

We met on 12th January until 3rd February 2001 during which we started a relationship. Although through previous correspondence we believed we were compatible for a likely relationship, we both discovered how well we related to each other. Our relationship progressed and intensified. I discovered very much that I wanted to marry you and have you with me all the time, and you said the same to me.

We have since discussed your move to the UK openly and honestly, and I am now satisfied that you will be happy with me here, starting on what is a new life for us both. We have agreed that we have to be practical and economical in the early period of our time together and this will shape how we proceed.

We shall live together in my mother's house both before and after the wedding. As you have experienced, I have my own double bedroom and study upstairs, which will become our bedroom and study, and there are three sitting rooms downstairs, which give us an opportunity for our own space, as well as the kitchen. So living together here is a practical if not permanent situation. I was pleased how well you related to my mother, and I can see this arrangement working well. In time, of course, perhaps due to work arrangements, we may move house together, but the plan is to live at 13 Manchester Square before and after the wedding.

With your agreement I have already begun to plan the wedding. As I write there is no fixed date but I intend to get a date to marry soon after your arrival in the UK. I intend that we marry amongst people who know me and who met you at the Hull Unitarian Church. I have spoken to the retired minister of this church who will marry us. Obviously I would like to marry at the church where I have been most associated in the formation of my spiritual viewpoints. It is a church of a liberal stance and we can each contribute to the form of the service.

I have good savings and an income stream from my website authoring work and a newly acquired post at Grimsby College. I have budgeted for the wedding ahead and living with you. I should also mention here the help that we are likely to receive from my mother's generosity especially in the early days. We will be able to support ourselves.

I love you very much and need to have you with me. You know that I will always defend you and support you and treasure your loving companionship.

I include copies of documents to help you get your fiancee visa.

Yours sincerely